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September 02, 2011


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Wow, what a beautiful shot of those geese! Love how tranquil and peaceful that scene feels! Fun to see your cute wool appliqué blocks. Looks like a fun project.


Squirrels in nature aren't all the same color brown either. Your Henrietta Whiskers blocks are really cute!

Caroll D

Your photos are great. Love the one of Sweet Pea and the pets. Glad your cat came back and is now okay. Love your wool applique. Can't wait to see the quilt.


Love your blocks!! That quilt is going to be awesome when you are done. Sweet Pea pic with Belle and PJ is so cute!!!!! PJ blended in so much, I had to look twice!! LOL!


By the way, I love that you took the word security off when leaving comments!!!! Awesome!!!


Your blocks are sweet. Lovely picture of your daughter with the pets!!
Great geese shot too. Enjoy the long weekend before school starts.


I love that bom SO much...one of these days I'll get started on mine! Great pic of Sweet Pea. Really great pic of the geese! Glad PJ's ok, something must have happened that scared the heck out of her.


What kind of camera did you get. I really want a new camera. Love the bird shot.

My dad wants to know if Lloyd went up to Alaska on his own bike or did he rent one? Did he go by himself or with a tour group? He really wants to go on a trip like that when he retires.

BTW-did Lloyd ever say "Keep it simple stupid." One of my bosses used to say that and I find myself saying at work. Was wondering if that's where I got it.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Great photo of Sweet Pea!

Maggie Szafranski

Great picture! Love the Canadian Geese, all we have around here are the resident geese that don't migrate.

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