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August 24, 2011


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This is so sweet... I love that they made this together!


Love the swing and I know Papa Pea and Sweet Pea will always remember making the swing together ... great memories!
The house looks so much better. I am with you the door needs to "pop"!


The paint on the house looks great! It is amazing how much you get done when alone! LOVE the swing too! How fun!


Your house looks wonderful, Stephanie! And that swing is brilliant - Sweet Pea did a marvelous job, it's so pretty!


Love the swing; Love the yard; Love the fresh look of the shutters (and yes, we had zillions of hornets, and BATS behind ours); Like the freshness of the painted bricks but sorry -you know I still like the original bricks best.When I saw the last little bit by your door, I said "Goodbye pretty brick."


My sister and I had a swing like that when we were little. It was green and we called it the pickle swing because it looked like a sliced pickle.

The house looks so good!!! And I know what you mean about getting more done by yourself. I have some radiator covers to paint but I've been waiting for school to start. I'll need help getting them to the garage, but I plan to paint them while the family is gone to work/school so I can just do it and be done with it. Otherwise I get interrupted too much which just makes me cranky.

Maggie Szafranski

The house is looking great! Our front door has an oval decorative glass with decorative leading, plus two sidelights that really brighten up our foyer! And love the swing!


This was like my most favorite post EVER!!! I love seeing the swing progress and then how much Sweet Pea loved swinging on it!! So cute!!

House is looking good!!! Wonderful improvement!!

Keely Thomas-Moore

I agree with you...the brick paint does make your house look a lot fresher and more pulled together. How long did it take you all together? I feel like there looks like a LOT of brick on your home. But I think you did a great job (even with running out of the primer at the beginning).

Robert Johannesburg

I think the swing is great, and I like how you got the whole family involved in the process. But more than that, I like the project you did with the brick paint. I think it makes your house look much bigger and more modern. Did you let know "Papa Pea" know that you were going to paint it before he left? That would have been a BIG surprise to come home to unprepared. ( http://San-marcousa.com )

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