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July 26, 2011


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Oh, how I wish I could get more organized. I start to, then I start another project, and everything gets flung again. I'm hopeless, and think I just need to work with that . . .


This is what my friend Cathy does - it works great! Good for you! Cute pic of the furballs, and congrats on the weight loss!


FIRST OF ALL--Congrats on the weight loss!! Yeah for Mama Pea! I'm back on the WW wagon as of last week.

Secondly, I so need to follow your method of organization, this is one area of my sewing studio I have never found a useful or successful solution for.

Live a Colorful Life

Wow, Stephanie, I'm super impressed with your organization ideas! Because I don't do much with any of these, I still get confused between stabilizers and fusible interfacing etc. I don't know why--I used to sew my own clothing and even worked in a quilt shop. I must have passed customers with fusible question off to some other employee...


Okay, and no one commented on the sheer amount of stabilizers, fusings etc that you have! I am so showing my husband this.... i have no where near that amount. I gotta get shopping.


That is a great organization idea! While I don't have any where near the amount of fusings, etc you have--what I have end up mushed and lost. I will add this to my "list" as I work on my sewing room!

Deb from clutteredquilter.blogspot.com


Great tips - love the mesh trash can idea!!
Congrats on your weight too - you go girl!!


I agree with Jackie - I wish I had such a large variety to organize - not that I would do more quilting - but it would just be nice knowing it's there if I needed it. Or, better yet, if you were my neighbor . . . :) Congrats on the weigh loss!

Linda in Calif.

Congrats on losing the weight!!! That is wonderful. And I know you feel better too.
Great way to organize these items. I really like it. I'm not at that point yet, but I'll get it in mind for when I need it. Which we all know it not that far down the road. LOL!!

Caroll D

Doesn't it feel good to get organized. I don't have nearly the stash that you do. But it's nice seeing what you have done. Ahaa, those cats are so cute!

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