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July 13, 2011


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Great recap! (You have Cindy and Terri confused in the post, but otherwise, all good!)

And thanks for sharing all the pics... My hands hurt from cutting so much but I am SO glad that cutting got done at a fun retreat instead of slogging through it alone at home!

Caroll D

Oh, my goodness! You are posting faster than I can leave comments! The second today! And what great ones they are. It's been so much fun seeing the pictures and hearing about the retreat. Wish I could have been there. Thanks for these great links too. I want to make that circle quilt. I hadn't seen your Eureka quilt before. It is fantastic! Looking forward to more tomorrow!

Stephanie in MI; AKA Mama Pea

Thank you, Doris! I fixed it. Terri and Cindy, my sincere apologies! I keep calling Terri Cindy because she reminds me so much of my colleague, Cindy, at work. Then that throws me off. I just commented on Terri's blog, calling her Cindy, or vice versa. I'm in trouble.


Haha. You are so NOT in trouble for exchanging our names! I would love to claim credit for the beautiful things Terri was working on. Great picture of Mary, BTW. The embroidery she was working on is from Little Miss Shabby and is called Birdie Stitches. I'm working on it too, but I'm WAY behind...

These are great posts and a wonderful recap. Good times, good memories!

Linda in Calif.

Wow. (I think that's all I can get out of my mouth - as my chin is on the floor.)

We should do a quilt-along of the quilt with the trees. That's so cute.


Oh my what wonderful quilts!!!


Thanks for sharing these pictures Stephanie as I didn't bring my camera. I do have a picture of the quilt Michelle was working on, but as I think she wanted to make a few changes, I didn't show it ;-) Loved seeing your Eureka quilt and the batik Yellow Brick Road quilt you were working on!


I thought you did a fine recap of everyone's projects, so you must have fixed the references already. I loved seeing the parade of quilts you put together. It's fun to see all the productivity and inspiration happening here.


Oh. My. Stars. I love the flag quilt! The only patterns I've ever used are the 'stack-and-whack' crazy quilts because I would rather create my own style (think Gee's Bend quilts), but I'm going to make that one. Let me know when you find the pattern. And by the way, Stephanie, you make a great historian! Lucky group to have you record the event.

Maggie Szafranski

WOW! A whole lot of sewing was going on there! I bet those motors were hot and the needles even hotter!

Cathy B

I absolutely loved your quilt show. The quilts were so beautiful. Youv'e been busy with your traveling and retreating. Hugs


wasn't show and tell fun? i love seeing what labors of love other people create. so so fun to see a recap of these!


Love to see all the quilts! Mary is doing the Le Petite monthly projects. I thought I recognized those little quilts! Fun to see them up close like that. I, of course always want to see the quilting now! :-)

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