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July 12, 2011


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You look fabulous! U have to post about all your purchases. Man, you got to meet Brooke! So lucky!!


Congrats on the weight loss!
It looks like you had a wonderful time! I would love to visit the quilt shop :)


Wonderful post!!!
Love the pic of us - I think it looks grand and we did indeed have a marvelous time!!!

Maggie Szafranski

What a wonderful quilt store and nearby retreat center! The store reminds me of one on the southside of Indianapolis!


Wow! What a great shop! Something for everyone it seems.


TWO pounds!!!! Awesome, I'm hanging out at your end of the table next time! ;-)

So glad you said yes to the invite, and grateful to know you.

This is a great post to show people our surroundings...


Stephanie, it was great meeting you at the retreat! Love all the photos of Gruber's...I didn't make it to all the areas of the shop...don't think my wallet could have handled that....bad enough I discovered the Kaffe section ;-)


Congrats on your weight loss! That is hard to do when you're away from home and at a retreat like this where the eating habits can get a little abnormal.

I loved your tour of Grubers, which gives one who hasn't been there a great picture of the magnitude of their selection. It was so fun to shop there, wasn't it.

It was fantastic meeting you, Stephanie, and getting to sit next to you and watch you work. YOU are inspiring!


congrats on the 2 lb. weightloss during the retreat. that's quite a feat!!! it was so great to meet and sew with you all weekend. it certainly wasn't long enough, was it???


Congratulations on the weight loss!!! That's so awesome, Stephanie!!! Wow!!!! It really is an accomplishment, especially with all the traveling you've been doing. That's when dieting and exercising is the hardest.

Photos are great! Sounds like it was an amazing time for you. Just what you needed!

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