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May 03, 2011


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The zipper pulls arrived quickly! (I love when that happens!) :) Your house is so cute too! I can't wait to see the finished landscape plans!


Cute zipper pulls! I don't blame Sweet Pea for wanting one :)
As far as your landscaping, you have some great ideas! I love the idea of a larger and curvy sidewalk. A girls gotta have her curves :)


Love the cute zipper pulls!!
I think my hubby would kill me if we had that much remodeling to do!

Caroll D

Those zipper pulls are so cute. I love how that one looks on your bag. I'll have to tell Chris about these. About that landscaping, the curved walk sounds great. That's about all I can give you as I'm not really into landscaping. Wish I were. My house needs some help. Love your house and all that room you have.


I love the curved walkway idea and the brick. My advice is to take a couple of hoses (or rope) and lay it out as an outline for your walkway. Live with the layout for a few days and use it. See if it looks and feels natural. I like walkways to be wide at the ends. It allows ease of access at the beginning and a place for several people to stand comfortably at the door.

When plant shopping, check out High Country Gardens (http://www.highcountrygardens.com/). They are located in Santa Fe and Albuquerque which is how I found them. Their "plant search" feature on the website is fabulous.


Yes,I think Bitsy would love the pulls. I like the kaleidoscope looking ones and may order a set myself. Re house: Remove the bush closest to the walkway. Put white stone all along that side of the house with your rose bush and some decorative flowers/planters/ statues. For trim, I said before to go to a piant store and match swatches closest to your current color, then see what you like. I think deep green would look good but you'd be surprised when actually at a paint store. We have a wide curving sidewalk at the front door and I like it except for shoveling. PS-You cannot curve bricks as easily as you can concrete.


Zipper pulls are super cute! Looks perfect on your little bag too!!

Looks like you have some fun outdoor projects to look forward to. I love stuff like that!! It was one of my favorite parts after we built our house. Curved walkway is great. We have two of them in concrete. Then you can put Sweet Pea's hand prints in it and date. For some plants, I would suggest some Day Lilies if you have a lot of full sun or some ornamental grasses. For shade, Hostas or Hydrangeas. Or something...:-)


Man you can sure write=) I can't believe you got your pulls already... i love the plaid ones!!


Those zipper pulls are too cute, I think you picked the perfect one for the kitty pouch. The house looks a lot better in the "after" pictures! I LOVE the idea of a bricked walkway, my favorite thing. I would suggest making it a bit bigger than you think you want it, actually...I've not done this, but I know folks who have, and they all say they wish they'd gone bigger. The cement would be pretty, but I think I'd keep the continuity. I love the curvy idea. Especially in brick. I've seen it done beautifully.

Whatever you plant, do your research! Hostas, day lilies, etc spread quickly. If you have a built up, bricked area for planting, they'll move your bricks eventually. My friend just removed 200 hostas. I'd go to English Gardens or somewhere and ASK, then double check.

Little Lizard King

Hope you survived the grading madness!!

Linda in Calif.

The zipper pulls are all so pretty - and the one you picked for the purse is perfect. The after pictures look so much better - and just think how much better when you have the walkway and new plants in.

Linda in Calif.

We did the color concrete and stamped it. I totally love it. We made the walkway about 3 1/2 or 4 feet wide. (I don't remember I just walk on it each day! LOL!) The only draw back is our porch is still white concrete so someday we will stain it. Just don't have the funds for it right now, and have other things to spend our money on. :-)

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LOVE the concept of a bricked pathway, my preferred factor. I would recommend creating it a bit larger than you think you want it, actually...I've not done this, but I know people who have, and they all say they wish they'd gone larger. The concrete would be fairly, but I think I'd keep the a continual. I really like the shapely concept. Especially in stone. I've seen it done magnificently.

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