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May 02, 2011


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I know what you mean about typos! Happens to me all the time because I'm always posting in a hurry! I feel so embarrassed when I read them. Oh well, I guess it just happens! Lol!

I love that bag and have the pattern and all the stuff to make one, but haven't. I'm a complete chicken! I've never made anything but a quilt. If I ever make one, I'll need you guidance! :-)


Isn't the zipper method great for the pattern great?! I absolutely love it and I was terrified of zippers, having messed up several, before trying one this way. I hope Linda reads this, because it really is easy.

The cat on your bag is so cute! I can't believe you had those butterflies in your stash. They are perfect!


Love the pictures of the trees!!
Where do you find time to do all these great projects and be a college professor and a mom and wife - whew! You are amazing!


What an adorable bag! I am sorry I have been so behind on visiting.
You do amaze me too with all you accomplish!


Darling pouch - kitty is perfect on it, and so is the butterfly! I love the pics of the trees, we're sprouting here too, about time I say. I got a good laugh at your satellite dish...we had one too...dh had the brilliant [not] idea to make a pond out of it, because the garbage guys wouldn't take it. You shouldn't make a pond without drainage. I told him that...but he was determined! What a yucky mess it makes.
The pole for it was set in cement, he dragged it out with a pickup, and the garbage guys DID take that. Go figure.


I know what you mean about the typos. At least you correct yours. I'm lucky to get my next post out. Love that bag. It is darling. Putting that cat and butterflies on it was the best idea. Love the photos of your flowering trees! Tell ET hi for me! LOL


Great idea to make a bag to use the cat you had. It turned out really cute!
The bush at Western is a Star Magnolia and the tree at your home is probably an Ornamental Flowering Cherry. It has been so much fun to watch spring come alive!


OK-Do a 'give-away' for your bag. What? You say I'm the winner!? Fabulous!
We don't have that blooming here yet-just cold and so very, very windy. Nancy's Notions big shindig is this weekend!


Oh Yeah-and quit pointing out your damned mistakes because Nobody Else notices them! You do great.


Ehhh, typos schmypos! Sometimes I find typos and grammatical errors when I'm "multitasking." Oh well.

Love the pouch especially with the cat and butterflies! So cute. My first thought was, "ohhh, perfect cosmetic bag for me!" :)

Aunt Pea

I love those little pouches. What a great way to use small pieces of fabric left over from projects. I'm going to show this to Jane, she's been trying her sewing skills with zippers and really seems to enjoy it. Something about sewing a zipper in is really rewarding!


What a great way to use your leftover cat :). I didn't notice the typos yesterday - I hate it when you find things after you post and I usually find it within seconds after posting - then, for those who subscribe, it's too late to fix it . . .

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