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April 07, 2011


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That is such a great idea! I love the sewing room too.
When I lived in Alaska, our next door neighbor taught sewing in her home. She had a huge log cabin with a nice loft upstairs with big windows and that was her sewing studio.

I love this!!


Oh my gosh! I just went to the post (probably should have done that in the first place) and looked at ALL the photos of the sewing studio. I'm in love and it's an awesome idea. I'll bet those who come to sew think that's the best part of their school day!

Linda in Calif.

I was thinking of teaching sewing to kids and adults after I retire from work. I love to teach and it would be a nice to bring in just a litte extra money. I just need a couple guinea pigs to practice on! hehehe


I LOVE this! I learned how to sew when I was in fourth grade, as my momma signed my sister and up for sewing lessons at a local quilt show. My little sister actually knew how to sew before she could read, so the teacher had to read her all of the patterns and directions! :) It takes a special someone to teach kids how to sew, and I unfortunately don't think that I have what it takes, but I did recently teach a friend the basics- woo hoo! :)


Bitsy is learning on Wed afternoons from her friends grandma -they are neighbors to her.


This is so cute. I looked at this and thought that both Sweet Pea and her cousin Jane would love to go to a sewing school like this. What a great idea.


I love that sewing room. I always thought it would be nice to teach a class for kids, but I think the shop had some concerns about liability (using a rotary cuter, etc.) It is so nice this woman is booked. I love it that kids are learning to sew. Thanks for the link. I'm on my way!


That does look like fun!

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