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April 30, 2011


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Oh goodness! This is delightful! Lots of great information here.
First, I LOVE your stitching and isn't it wonderful to use those fancy stitches on our wonderful sewing machines!!! I LOVE Aurifil thread too!! It's my favorite:)

Thank you for the book info. about beading on fabric. I am definitely gonna have to check that book out.

Your project here is really very pretty. I love it!




That is really super Steph! Wow!

Caroll D

Wow, I love how your block turned out. I wish I had done the blanket stitch around my pieces too as I love the look on yours. However, my machine does not do that, and I was afraid my hand stitching wasn't up to par. Love those beads too. It just makes everything pop. You did a fantastic job and I bet Em and those kids will be thrilled.


Looks great! Your blanket stitching is spot on! The bead book looks really interesting; I've dabbled in beads a bit, and would love to do more with them.


I am speechless with how beautiful!!!!!!!!! The delicacy, the detail of the process..I will be printing the story to go to the quilt when I gift it to the school. To think this came from a simple post and request. WOW!!! and of course, I am tearful with gratitude!!!!!!


It's wonderful! The beading is such a nice touch. While it is better to bead after quilting, it isn't impossible to do it before. Em is pretty talented and your beading areas are small and well confined. It won't be hard for Em to quilt around them. And they really add a sophisticated touch to the block!


It looks great! You did a fantastic job! What a lot of work for one block!


That turned great!! Love the beading!! Congrats on the weight loss! That's so awesome!!!


Wow!!! You are amazing!
Congrats on the weight loss too!
Enjoy the weekend!


Love it! Great work. I love the way you worked the fabrics to bring out the best in the colors and the beads really add that extra special touch.

Cathy B

Steph, your quilt is beautiful. So much better than the picture in the book. I'm so glad you mentioned EM. She sent me a quilt for the 12 X 12" Something from Nothing quilt swap. However she didn't give me an email address to email her to thank her. I will post a picture of the quilt she made me tomorrow. Her machine quilting is fantastic. I'm going to have to practice more. Again, I love your quilt. Hugs


What a great quilt - I like the use of the beads - good choice. AND congratulations on the weight loss!!


I love the dimension the beads add!!! and woohooo on your weight loss!!


Oh hon - this is breathtaking! I love it so much. I especially love the pics in the sunlight, with the shadows - so perfect. The beads were brilliant.
Congrats on the weight loss too!


Beautiful Stephanie!

Maggie Szafranski

Great piece! The beading was the absolutely right touch!


I LOVE the beading! Nice job-you've been busy!

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