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April 28, 2011


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My grandma always had African Violets too. :-) You missing your grandma makes me miss mine.

Caroll D

I'm crabby too. Thanks for giving me something to blame it on. I'm certainly getting sick of this rain! Love that violet. I used to grow them, but could never keep them looking like my mother's. I think I'll have to check them out when I go to the grocery this afternoon. They bring back a lot of fond memories. Can't wait to see your interpretation of Monet's Water Lilies.


I had just read an old article about african violets. I'll have to find it again. I get that way too about my grandpa. Just out of the blue I start to cry.

Brave woman posting weight loss stuff on here. I'd be a total failure if I posted it on my blog.


Okay, want another violet? I've had one three years, it never blooms, it's far from healthy and what's keeping it alive, I don't know!I do have it setting on stones and only water it from 'bottom up' as I've done all plants. But no flowers!! I still can't get on the ticker. Should I just send my info to Aunt Pea? But then how would I update it?


I love African violets! I used to have several but they all died when we moved to Alamosa. I think our house gets too cold for them.

Hope Spring comes soon to your house! We had a nice Spring day here today. I'll try to push it north to your house.


I miss my grandma too. My maternal grandmother and I were VERY close. Her death was the hardest thing ever for me.

My other grandma grew lots of African Violets. She died on my birthday several years ago. I used to have quite a few African Violets myself - they love sun, I had them on a west-facing window and they flowered almost all the time. They're the only thing I can grow!

Linda in Calif.

How funny, Allie says African Violets like the West facing window, yet I've always heard they like the north facing windows! Well, maybe it's because I'm in the desert and that west facing sun would burn them up. Crying like that happens to me too. Especially when I make pies, my grandmother's speciallity.
I've been thinking of getting some African Violets too - they never last to long in my house. But they are so pretty while they are blooming.

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