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March 29, 2011


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Mama- I'm getting an eerie feeling with your posts. You posted a vest- I had just made a doll vest. You posted Yummy in the Tummy and that song started playing on a tv commercial at the same time I was reading your blog! Now, I read your Beading and two days ago, I finished a wall hanging top that I put buttons and beads on wherever I thought they 'looked right'. Tomorrow are you cutting for a scrap quilt -as that's what I'll be doing. haha


How pretty is that!


I love love love this!!!!! I have been wanting to use more beads in my little art quilts and I was talking with a lady today who made a New Orleans bustiere for Mardi Gras out of beads and it was breathtaking. Love your flowers and thank you for the tutorial! Em


I've never beaded anything, but wow, is it ever pretty!! It looks so beautiful!!! Amazing!!! How long did it take to complete the flower piece?


Linda, it took a long time to complete the flower piece. This was my first beading project after learning how to bead properly from a friend. I'd guess it took about 20 hours just for the beading part, but it seemed like forever while I was doing it. I was learning at the time so I might be able to do it quicker now. I didn't judge very well how many beads it would require, so I had to put it aside for a while until I could get more. The whole project is about 9" by 12" and is surprisingly heavy for it's size.


This is great - thanks Stephanie and Lynn - what beautiful work. Thanks so much for the tutorial - I'm going to add this to my list of "I want to do's".


I should have just waited for u to get Lynn to do it.. can't wait till tomorrow and I am so sending my followers over to you!

Sharon Eley

I just finished a 12" quilt using the "fused' method. Everything is fused: the top, the batting, the back and the design on the front. I bound my quilt with a bias binding. My issue now is how to get a needle through the fused fabric. It is very stiff, like cardboard, and difficult to push a needle through. Do I need to prepunch each hole before I sew a bead on?

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