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February 28, 2011


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You are doing a great job with this technique. Love all your colors and the bubbles you created are perfect! You have done an amazing job.
Have a great week! I know you will get many things accomplished instead of the bathroom!


W-O-W! You did great Stephanie. I absolutely love it! I agree that getting those bits that end partway up is hard and not really explained in the book. But you appear to have figured it out. It is really stunning!


Oh my heck, oh my heck, oh my heck! I love this! Love the name, too- Stephanie, you rock!


Wow! You did a fantastic job. You should be proud of yourself. I can't believe you did that (I mean that nicely). I know I couldn't do it. I want to go get that book right now and try some of this. It's right my my alley, doing something modern like this. Enjoy that spring break!

Lacie Jane

WOW! This is really great! You make this look so easy, I am tempted to try it myself!


I am so impressed. This is something I would never tackle (both the first one and the second one). You did very good and your pebbling looks just fine. Nothing is perfect in nature and pebbles are all different sizes. If you make them bigger, then it's gravel and not pebbles. lol Or rocks. Your quilting looks great also, it emphasizes the piece and doesn't take away from it at all. Great job.


Wow!!! You are amazing! Congrats to you! I am not sure if I would have done the pebbles, but they turned out awesome! Love all the curved piecing too. Very cool!


I am in AWE, Stephanie! This is just fabulous! I love every bit of it, but the pebbling and the reverse applique are really something special - you are rocking this challenge!


Great name!! The project is so striking! Perfect quilting. Really added just the right texture to the piece!! Great job!!

Leah Day

Awesome Pebbling! It's a hard stitch to learn and you've done a great job! Keep playing with those circles and see if you form them better when they're clockwise or counter clockwise. I work better when they're counter, but everyone is different!

Enjoy your beautiful quilt!

Leah Day


First... you have Leah Day following and commenting on your blog? How famous are you?
Second... I am amazed, inspired, in awe and in love with this piece.... everything about it is gorgeous... and you did it all with solid colours... i can't do that... I adore it!


I love the pebbling -I wouldn't go larger. I may have liked to see a few more marbles. So, what did you do to close the holes that you cut out? Are they raw edges or did you have to turn each piece of the dark blue under where you cut out a hole??

Rosemary Dempster

Don't know why you worry so much - your work is amazing!

Little Lizard King

GORGEOUS!!! It's a breath of fresh air, and you make the process look easy peasy, which I'm sure it was not.

Maggie Szafranski

Steph! This piece is totally awesome! You are doing such a fantastic job! The reverse applique was just the ticket for making this piece sing! And your pebbling is great!

Linda in Calif.

I really like this curved piecing and would like to try it sometime. I love your quilting - the lines really give it life and the pebbles are wonderful! (The little imperfection are too minor to mention) Great job - oh and great name for it too!


You did such a lovely job! You really captured the elements of your inspiration, you quilting is lovely! Great idea with the reverse applique. No need to fret: you're a natural!

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