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February 16, 2011


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Maggie Szafranski

Yea to Papa Pea for the awesome lights! I love the textures the winds make in the snow! And that little goat kid is cute!


1.Good job papa! I have a basement too (plead)
2.Your sewing room isn't cluttered - remember your stamping room in Ohio?
3.That mailbox was that buried -that was before the plows came!!
4.Jack is doing great. I tried to take a video and had to laugh because he's just like a human kid-turn on the camera, they stop-turn it off, they dance.


That hubby of yours! Wow! I drop hints like bags of cement and nothing ever happens. I want to adopt Jack.


Awesome about the lights... my husband has always had a shop and lights and music are his two must haves. The baby goat is adorable I love those little guys.


Your husband is wonderful! Not many guys like that! About the covered storage, I'm afraid of that. Out of sight out of mind and I have to go buy new fabric! Those pictures of snow make me think Michigan isn't so bad! That goat is precious. Your SIL sounds like a special lady.


Lighting is so important. Looks like your lighting situation has greatly improved!!! Looks great!

SIL's grandson and Twinkie are both just adorable! :-)

Linda in Calif.

Well, isn't Mr. Pea handy? I think you better keep him cause he's very sweet to you too!! The little goats sure are cute.


The lighting looks wonderful. Yay Papa Pea!

A dancing goat - hysterical!


I need to borrow Papa Pea. Lighting is one of the hardest things to come by, it seems! Good for him! Don't like the look of that snow, but at least it makes our neck of the woods look tropical by comparison. Love the goats!!!!!

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