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January 31, 2011


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Cute cute notebook... sorry about the camera... love the scooter. :)


Such a cute notebook cover!! Darling with the little scooters! What a thoughtful gift for the scooter lover. I had no idea you drive a scooter. I'm so impressed!! :-) Do you give rides??? Cuz, I'll never drive one myself. I'm the biggest chicken ever!! Can you hear the clucking from my house??? LOL!


After Linda rides can I ride too? LOL I am a chicken too. I would fall right off by myself!
I adore the notebook cover ... will have to check out her site.
Hopefully you will get the camera fixed and post your pics .. can't wait to see them.

caroll d

The notebook cover is darling. I love that fabric! I can't see you riding a scooter! You wild gal you!


Is this the NEW camera/battery? Was it fully charged before you started using it? I know ours said it must be charged first for abt 2 days otherwise it will give out quicker.


I WANT A SCOOTER! Yours is so cool! I want a pink one, but your black one is making me reconsider; so sleek. How far are you from work? Is that why you have it? And the notebook cover...adorable!


Oh no! I just hate technical problems! We spent most of our weekend trying to get rid of a virus on my husbands laptop – but after many many hours and $$ he is back up running like new. I hope your camera problems are resolved quickly. Love the scooter and the scooter notebook!


Cute stuff! Sorry to hear about your camera woes :(. I just need more time and less kid activities!!


I love the scooters! :) I lived in Italy for a year and I sometimes still here the Vespa's vroom vroom while I'm trying to fall asleep- HA! :)

Cathy Buel

Sorry to hear about your camera. Love your notebook. It is really nice. Hope you are not in the line of the snow storm.
Hugs, Cat


The notebook cover is very cute! And I know what you mean - handmade but not by you - ahhh!


My, my, my aren't we full of surprises! A scooter? What will we find out next?


Oh, what would I do with a turquoise Vespa. One can only dream.

Maggie Szafranski

Scooters are fun! Wishing it were scooter weather now, and not having to face the snow today!

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