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January 18, 2011


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I love art quilts and am so anxious to see what you are doing. Thanks for the links, too. I'm going to try one of those "free" blocks. You will love that thread catcher. Best money I ever spent! Sweat Pea is so cute. I told you that you were a good mom!

Cathy Buel

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.


Good luck with your assignment. You will undoubtedly learn a lot. That's one reason I joined the 15 Minutes Play blog and bee. It gives you "permission" to do something you wouldn't normally, and discover things you might not otherwise. Have fun with it! Oh, and I love the note your friend sent you about pets. It hits the nail right on the head. My Cowboy and I were just talking about our indoor male cat, Dan, this morning. I said: "He's as happy as can be, and has no clue what his life might otherwise have been like." (We saved him from certain death outdoors.) Gotta love em.


I just read the Oh, Fransson! post for today and immediately thought of you too. I love how she mixes print and solid fabrics. You have to have a really good solid stash to be able to do that successfully though, in my opinion. Ideas are still percolating for my project this month.

The note your friend sent about pets resonates with me too. Thanks for sharing!


Rock on, Sweet Pea! Such a good judge of character!


Oh no, I haven't been checking my computer over the long weekend and just saw your post about Piper. I'm so sorry to hear that, my heart goes out to you, it's so tough to lose a part of the family and the post from your friend says it so well.

I applaud your efforts to improve your creativity - I need to do the same! I get stuck looking at all the beautiful things that others have already done and really need to stop copying and start creating!

Erika P

Your blog today really hit home. I'm so sorry for your loss and truly feel your pain as we suddenly had to put my beloved cat down last night. Isn't it amazing how much they touch our lives and how empty it feels without them around. The comment from one of your readers really touched me and is one that I've read over and over today. Thank you.

Linda in Calif.

I'm so sorry to hear about Piper. Even though you try to prepare - it's still tough to handle. I'm glad Sweet Pea is taking it well. I bet your collie misses Piper too.

Your dad is so funny about getting another dog, and the e-mail he sent out. Another puppy doesn't take the place - but they sure add happiness to the family.

Your doodle assignments seems to be going good. Good for you to be working on them already. Have fun with the quilty project. It's nice that you are doing one each month and letting others join in.


These quilts and way of design are so striking. I love the bold solid colors.

Again I am so sorry about the loss of Piper.


Wow I got that book last year, with the intent of working through it - perhaps I should join you! How very, very thoughtful of Lynn to send you some solids and that wonderful thread catcher.
I love what your friend wrote. He nailed it exactly. The innocence and trust and unconditional love of our pets is what breaks our hearts in losing them.

Sweet Pea should get some cookies after school tomorrow - home-baked - fresh from the oven, lol. What a darling!

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great man :D

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