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December 06, 2010


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Nice job on the cozies. I do love Larissa's patterns. About that time of year I need to be making another of her monkey or kitty toys.

Mmm-mmm Wool felt. Must...say....no.


These are just the cutest! I will have to check out her patterns.
How did the mantel work out?


I now open your blog page a tad anxiously, afraid I will see yet another project I want to make. Again today. But I have been trying to think of something I could get my pre-teen neices (who all have cell phones), and this might be the perfect thing!


(cheeks glowing) Great Scott! I'm not sure the review could be more positive, and I'm absolutely thrilled that you were so pleased with the pattern. It is really useful to have some thorough feedback on every aspect of the pattern. And of course, great job on the cozies! They all look fabbo, and your lucky recipients will be thrilled.


They are all really cute!! You did a great job. Am I counting right, 6 gifts in 3 hours? Awesome!

For future reference, I use the little left over bits of bar soap (we use Ivory) to mark on wool or dark cottons. It works quite well, but does come off easily. Too easily to mark a whole piece if you are going to be handling it a lot, but perfect to trace a template and cut it out.


Those are really cute! You did a great review. You've given me another idea for a present. I have to go check out her patterns.

Maggie Szafranski

WOW! What a terrific review!


I am a huge fan of Larissa's. I've been eyeballing this pattern myself and I'm so glad to hear (as I assumed) that it is a wonderfully written and easy to follow pattern. Thanks for taking the time to write it all out. I know how long these things can take! :)

Linda in Calif.

Oh this is such a good idea as my stuff doesn't fit the pouches I've bought either. And the designs are really nice - some are adorable and some are just elegant. Okay. I'm sold - but I better put in on my list for next year.


Okay, I saw the first ones and thought-how cute. I saw the lollipop ones and said -oooh, then I saw the 5 leaf ones and said -oooh, oooh. Then I went back to the lollipop ones and said more ooohs -they are cute. I sure could use that button holer on a bathrobe here.


Those are darling! Great gift ideas! Not sure I can get them done by Christmas, though!


Stephanie... I must admit I was tempted to view this blog page (especially when I was listed in the group who shouldn't) but I waited until now. I really love mine and don't think the stitching is too wonky. I used it for my camera right after I opened it and found it to work perfectly for that as well!
Thank You, Kristie

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