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December 13, 2010


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Stephanie, that was the best post EVER! I think I may have learned a few things that I missed on Saturday! Your pics of the shop and Marshall are awesome. Thanks so much for everything! I'm so lucky to have found such an amazing new friend! Life is such a journey and I believe there was a reason we met!


You are so lucky to get to meet Edyta. Sounds like you have lots of nice quilting friends. thanks for the links. Don't you just love Marshall House?


That is a great weekend!!! And a new friend in MI too! Can't wait to see that soap making post. I'm going to make mine sometime before Thursday. Couldn't find any blue soap dye though :(


I'm so glad you and Linda hit it off so well. I guess there was a reason you weren't clicking with the other guild. Sounds like you are suppose to be in Linda's guild!


Stephanie, I really enjoyed meeting you, and I am looking forward to getting to know you better. I had the same problem Sat. night, couldn't sleep with visions of quilts dancing in my head. LOL I am planning on using her binding technique on my next quilt too. I have been to a couple of Edyta's demonstrations and she is a wealth of information. I am really looking forward to an actual hands on class this time so that I can remember her techniques better.


What a great looking town! I wish so much we lived in a Victorian home. You are sooo friendly and it's a shame that the other guild was too large and too cliquey for the people to see in you what we do. You'll have so much more fun anyway in a smaller group-now I am envious! I want to meet a new friend!!


Just re-read your post. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing those tips. I love the one about the starch. I'm going to try that. Can't wait to see what you do with your new templates. Now I have to go get all her books! Wonderful post!


Love the pics and all the info! I will have to go back and reread everything again. I would love to have the book too! I am so glad you got to meet your blogging friend! Susan from Blackberry Creek lives about an hour from me but we have yet to meet!

Maggie Szafranski

What an awesome day! Edyta is coming to our guild this year and teaching classes! Now I can't wait!

Michelle Schroeder

Soooo jealous I can't stand it! Way to go!

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