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December 02, 2010


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Caroll D

Love your tablescape. Looks great to me. As for the mantel, I'm no decorator, but when I compare it to some things I saw on Donna's blog, I just think it needs more stuff, closer together, and maybe some larger pieces. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Then you can help me.


I think your table looks fine. White small lights as you said would indeed give it some sparkle. The mantle if anything could use some greenery around the noel letters.

Little Bits and Pieces

I noticed the lake right away - before you mentioned it. It's so pretty. (I love that blue set too) Okay, I'm really not a decorator, but I would string some popcorn (maybe add some crandberries) and make a garland to hang along the edge of the mantle - scallop it along the edge. And then the greenery was a good idea - greenery with little white lights?


ps: I think that you think it all looks blah because as you said-you are stressed- so nothing will look good to you. Just remember on anything-'less is more'. Too much ornamants on the table/mantle will detract the eye from the focal point. Popcorn/cranberry garland sounds nice.


Maybe the mantle needs a nice, cheery quilted holiday cover. I know I have seen patterns online, but I can't remember where. I think it's basically just a skinny table runner with a fancy edge on one side that hangs down and looks nice. I'm not sure how fire safe they are though. Might need to move it if you use the fireplace.

Love the Barbie with the Nutcracker!! Mine cleaned his room and earned a small tree for his room. He picked a silver tree from Walmart. It actually looks quite nice with his ornaments on it. Better than I thought it would anyway.


wow..that looks lovely...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and posting ypur lovely comment


You posted twice on the 2nd! I missed this one :)
Sweet Pea you are too funny! Mine is just something I play with and "throw" together! I have no professional deocrating experience at all!
I love the Jim Shore nativity set! Love it as it is! I would put some greenery on the mantle and if the angels seem too small put books or something to raise them a bit and maybe add a little greenery or berries around the larger candle. I love the Noel letters. Just tuck a little greenery in around them too ... not much - you want it to be the focal point. The Santa is adorable on the other end of the mantle just add a few twigs of greenery around him to balance each end of the mantle. Again if he needs elevated put a book under him and cover it with greenery just to give each end some height.
I love the little guy you made.
If Baby Pea wants to put her Barbie with the Nutcracker let her! It is about the kids! You could put a basket of greenery on the hearth.
I will post my mantle later today. I have elevated my glittery trees with clear glass jars and they are hidden behind the greenery.

Linda in Calif.

I wanted to buy some of that "snow" for lack of a better word that you have around nativity set. Do you know what it's called and even better what type of store sells it?

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