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October 27, 2010


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Maggie Szafranski

That makes such a big difference! I like that your job was taking pictures! I usually ended up being the one to load the trailer!


Wow! that was a LOT of work. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Glad it was them and not me. We only have about a gajillion projects like that around here that need to be done. We don't really own any "equipment", tho. That sorta complicates things.


This post makes me want to send Russ out to trim our bushes immediately lest they overgrow and take over! He wants to take them out, but I don't like the bare look (tho' your bare look looks tons better). One of the things I did about a year after we moved into our house was to trim ours up. I made them look like Dr. Seuss bushes, if that makes any sense. It was fun; like bonsai on a larger scale.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE your porch! WHat a great way to decorate! ANd don't even get me started on how lovely your lawn is. It was fun to see a picture of your house. Its so nice and homey :) Your daughter sounds so cute. I feel the same way about Mia when she says funny cute little things!

Little Bits and Pieces

What a cute/funny thing to say about the blustery day. And I agree! Get that bush out of there! It's so much better (I don't like those bushes even when they are kept trimmed. And that thing was a monster!) Whew - now it's so much better and so is your porch. GOOD JOB GUYS!!


Wow! What a difference removing those bushes made! One thing I have learned from home ownership is that bushes have a life span - about 15 - 20 years. And you have to keep them pruned or they get out of control, like yours were. Looking good!

Mama Pea

Thanks so much! Yes, those bushes are nasty! In fact, I pretty much dislike every bush at this house. I think we are going to pull them all out and redo everything. It will look so much better!

Have a great day!


Mama Pea

Thanks, Katie! We like the lawn, too. It was one of the big reasons we bought the place. The house needs soooo much work, but weve been chipping away at it a little at a time. Weve made a lot of progress, but we have a long way to go! Another thing we liked about the house is it has good bones. It felt homey to us right away, even with all the gaggy decorating!

Have a great day!



I love the blustery day comment! With the bushes gone it does look better. It's amazing what a little trimming or cutting down some bushes can do!


I didn't know you had such a beautiful back yard and house on the backside. I have only seen the first pictures at the front of it. NICE!
We are cutting back all of our bushes-decorative and not. We cut the Burning Bush last year and it has come back beautifully.

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