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Are you doing a specific diet? Like Weight Watchers? I'm thinking that is what I'm gonna need to do. Watching my portions is not working. :-(

Mama Pea

Patti--I am doing a structured weight loss program through Medical Weight Loss Center. It's like Weight Watchers in the sense that you eat your own food and follow a meal plan. But it also has some nutritional supplements, is monitored by a physician, and requires me to weigh in multiple times per week! So far, I am liking it. But it was not cheap. More on that later!


I wish I could lose also. When I once joined W.W., I gained 10 lbs! I never ate so much food in my life!! They kept telling me I had to get all those portions in each day -I was gagging on it! Never again with them -but something would be nice.


I know you have a Sweet Pea, but you're my Sweet Pea, and right now I am very proud of you! Great going on this, and keep up the good work. I can hardly wait to see the first 10 lb. mark show up; bet it won't be long. I'll be watching for it. You have spurred me to try to take off a few pounds as well. Good luck, and we'll all be watching and cheering you on!!


I'm going to join you! I created my tracker, but the link to Aunt Pea's email doesn't work.

Aunt Pea

Sorry about the link not working, I fixed it. If you'd like to participate go to the The Ticker Factory, set up your tracker, and then you can email me the html code to post. :-)

Aunt Pea

Here is my email:

Here is the Ticker Factory site:



Glad to see I got on. I actually want to lose 35 lbs, but come -let's be realistic. I picked the Christmas string because I want to lose the weight by Christmas. I chose 21 pounds because there are 21 lights on that sting.


Way to go on the weight loss. You were really rewarded for sticking with things on your trip. Only 1/2 a pound to make your first 10! Yeah!!
Your doll is gorgeous! Can't wait to see her with hair and arms. There's a lot of work and love going into that baby.

Aunt Pea

Congrats on your weight loss! The scale finally moved in the right direction for me too this week...updated my ticker :-)


Congratulations! You are doing great. Nothing like making this progress to keep you motivated. Love that bead your mom sent too. I'll have to go to that link and learn more about them as I really like what you have. I should start a weight loss program but right now it is so difficult with my mom and her schedule. Keep up the good work!

Aunt Pea

Thanks for your support Mama Pea. It really helps :-)

Andrea Chopra

You are doing a great job! Commitment is the top priority in losing weight. Once you start it, you must not turn back. With patience, proper diet and exercise, you will soon achieve the figure that you always wanted.

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