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July 03, 2013


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What a great idea. Dad's are the hardest to find something for - especially once they're retired. Have a great 4th - think we'll be staying inside - we went to a ball game last night it was still 106 at 9:00 (now I know why we usually travel in the summer) :o)


I always have trouble making things for my guys. This is a great idea. I love this little travel tray. That fabric is awesome too! Hope you have a great 4th!


Homemade cookies and moisture-wicking type shirts are on my dad's list this year. He has a birthday coming up soon. I'd like to bake him the cookies, but I know I won't. I'm gonna get him a couple of shirts though. I may make him a little basket for his desk though. That's a great idea!


That's a great gift idea for a guy! I always feel like sewn items are too girly for men, but this looks perfect! Happy 4th of July to you too. I have my American half-sister visiting, so we're having burgers and some red, white and blue desert to celebrate:)


Stephanie, great idea with the travel tray! Perfect for motel rooms, and I'm sure he will get a lot of use with it.

I DO have a hard time buying for my husband for father's day. This year he was getting ready to buy a tool for his shop, and I caught on at the last minute and told him NOT to buy it...that I would buy it for him. Gift purchased right then...worry about what to get was over! I lucked out this year! LOL! I am also clueless on men's birthday gifts. But thankfully my husband's birthday is right after Christmas, and I get him an item that's on his list.

The rest of the family just left for a cookout and fun 4th of July celebration at a friend's house about 2 hrs from us. I'm home with Granny and the pooch. i think I'll go plant some flowers for a fun thing to do while they're gone! Hope your holiday is good!

Lisa Lisa

What a great idea! That fabric is awesome!! Happy 4th of July!

Amy DeCesare

What a great manly gift! My sister has made these, and her husband actually requested some for himself, so I knew guys like 'em, too. Love these prints!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Love the fabric for this great tray!


What a cool idea Stephanie! I've seen these made for use in a bedroom, but for travel -- that's brilliant! You always think of the neatest things!


This tray is a great gift!! I love the fabric you used! I'm anxious to see what else you make from this magazine. I always make my dad a quart of my homemade salsa. I give him that along with a bag of chips and he is one happy camper. :) I hope your 4th was full of great things!! xoxo

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