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May 03, 2013


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How cute that is and how lucky you are to have such a wonderful husband. Thanks for the recipe too. Sounds good and like something my kids would like me to make. Hope you have a great weekend.


That's a useful little item! I could use something like that every Thanksgiving. I think of that each Thanksgiving and promptly forget. Maybe I will remember now.


Will save that recipe....for sure! DH loves bacon and there's enough of it in it to satisfy him! I would put in all the "opt" too. The casserole carrier is too cute and definitely a great hostess gift! I make lots of hot pads and always use a layer of 80/20 batting with the Insulbrite so haven't notices the "crunchiness" you speak of (but I do know what you mean!). They are so much better than the overly stiff store-bought versions! I see nothing out of the ordinary about starting such a project(s) at that hour! Doesn't everyone do that???? I do, most definitely! Great job! Beginning the next quilt now. Cutting the 5" squares of black/white fabrics. It will be the 2nd one I've done with these fabrics. Gave away the 1st one....this one will be for our bed. Have a great "sew-in"! Hugs, D


You and your hubby are awesome.


what the heck! When I was in college I'd come home around 11pm and bake! What a cute little late night project! It is adorable.


Wonderful! I love the carrier and the casserole sounds so yummy. I do the same thing and make things at the last minute. I am making baby things this weekend :)


I'm guilty too. I've started projects far too late in the evening that were needed for the next morning. I think I have only actually finished on time one, maybe two, begun under those circumstances. So I'm impressed that you finished and it's correct!

Sounds like a yummy casserole. Similar to one I've made in the past but mine called for sausage instead of bacon. I think I would like the bacon better. I'm not a big fan of sausage, especially for breakfast.


Such a fun post...a very familiar scene, too! And thank you for the recipe...sounds delicious!


You ARE Loony! Do you know how lucky you are that Papa Pea likes to cook? If I asked my hubby to do that, he would confirm that I was loony. (Which, clearly, I am not, 'cause I wouldn't ask LOL.)

Cute casserole carrier. A friend of mine at work came into my office a few weeks ago to proudly tell me that his wife's design for a casserole carrier had been picked up by Simplicity (I thinkg -- one of the major pattern companies. (Here's her link is you want to see them: http://www.etsy.com/shop/misscongeniality?ref=shop_sugg -- I barely even knew she sewed LOL!)

Lisa Lisa

Your casserole looks delicious! Thanks to Papa Pea for letting you share :) I've been known to make items at the last minute. Some worked out....others didn't. Good job on the casserole carrier!!


What a sweet hubby you have! And I am totally in love with this casserole carrier. I will tell you that I am totally impressed you started it at 9:00PM. I would have definitely screwed it up for sure. You are my hero! :)

Maggie Szafranski

YUMMY! I love breakfast casserole! Great job on the carrier! And good going, Papa Pea, for cooking a great treat and complimenting Mama Pea!


How does one get a husband like that?


I laughed when I read the part about you not having time to be thoughtful - that's why you don't HAVE time because you ARE so thoughtful! You're always doing things for everyone. What a great breakfast recipe - I'll have to try it. I may make breakfast for our family dinner next week! Nice carrier too - isn't it great to have a stash that allows you to do last minute projects?

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