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May 07, 2013


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Very, very cute Mama Pea. I LOVE your pebble quilting!

Cindy Smith

Your blog post was so great and your thread catcher were so cute that I just ordered the pattern! I can't wait to make one! :)

Amy DeCesare

You'll be the smarty pants at any sewing event - these are so cute!!! Thanks for the review - I think those are so helpful.


Love your thread catcher. Can't have too many of those! Love that pebble quilting. I wish I could learn to do that. Great job!


Your pebbling looks great! Those are so cute! I saw them on Amanda Jean's blog recently. Great use for scraps.

Jackie W.

Amanda Jean's book is simply wonderful..those are really cute! As usual... u made them look terrific.

Linda in Calif.

I had made a thread catcher for myself before - but I didn't like it because it was too small. This is much better. I do like your choice of fabrics and your pebbling.

Amanda Jean

Thanks for the kind review, Stephanie! Yours turned out so cute and I love your fabric choices! I love that you pebble quilted one! It looks fabulous.


Very cute - what a great way to use some "favorite" fabrics and be able to see them all the time. Nice pebble quilting!

kathy olkowski

I got me a pattern as soon as she posted them and can't wait to try it! Your's is so darn cute!


How nice, you reviewed her pattern for the Thread Catchers! I like how you described each of the variations. Love your examples.

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