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May 10, 2013


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Wow, Stephanie! What a great post! I didn't realize you took so many pictures. You have really captured Nancy's wonderful quilt shop so well.

It sure was a pleasure meeting up with you. I just hope I didn't wear you out with my nonsense! ha! I am so impressed with your nice even rows you've hooked. I think crafting is a natural for you as you do all things so well.

Shelly Pagliai

So you're officially a hooker now, huh? I was hoping to get to see your little bird after the class -- you just like keeping us all in suspense, don't you? That shop looks like fun -- somewhere I could get lost for way too long and spend way too much money!


Oh, rug hooking is something I would love to do. I used to live right near a shop with rug hooking lessons and took just one but loved it. I have a small collection of wool, the cutter and a frame, but need to spend some time with it!


I love how many classes you take. There's so much to learn out there!


Such cute stuff in that shop! Glad you had a great day! I'm in the mood to work on my Halloween embroidery quilt. If only I could find a fabric to do the embroidery on! I might have to attempt tea dying some solid and intentionally making it splotchy.

Amy DeCesare

Looks like a great new interest! My mom still has a couple of rugs made for her by her grandmother. I wanted to recreate them on a tiny scale by needlepunch, but have never done it. Such a cool quilt shop!!


What a great shop! I haven't had any exposure to wool rug hooking (except for drooling over the finished products). Looks like fun. Were you able to get much done on your rug?

kathy olkowski

Inspiring - I started rug hooking years ago and I'm still working on a fish rug. I love it! Just wish I had that beautiful wood frame. This shop is wonderful - nice photos!


What a nice time! Thanks so much for sharing all the inspiring pictures :-)


You have definitely gotten the rug hooking 'bug'! That shop looks to be a super cute one!! Could spend may hours and $$$ there!! Hugs, Doreen


Wow -- it sure looks like a wonderful store! I spy a Halloween quilt that I like -- it's the one with the jack-o-lanterns. Did you have Halloween on your mind when you were taking pictures LOL? Can't wait to see your hooking project. I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!

Maggie Szafranski

What a fun shop and a fun class! I love the look of wool, but do I need another addiction....?

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