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January 29, 2013


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Maggie Szafranski

How cool! I love those colours!


Oh wow Stephanie -- it's beautiful! And now, I'm very tempted to make those instead of my socks. Hmmm......


That is beautiful! Wish I could knit like you do! Are you doing the knitting while you watch Downton Abby?


Another one of those posts where I think I HAVE to learn how to knit! and/or crochet! My mom knits, she once taught me and my then 9 year old niece. My niece took to it like bees to honey. Doris? Not so much. I gave up frustrated. Time to try again perhaps... after all it's been 7+ years, and my other 9 year old niece taught herself using pencils and YouTube (I kid you not, pencils instead of knitting needles!).

Maybe I should have had Mom show me when I was 9...?

Amy DeCesare

Wow, that's a cool project for knitting! The shell edge is way fabulous, and I love the yarn. I like to knit while I watch a movie or tv, but nothing that requires too much concentration. I'm finally going to see what Downton Abbey is...my mom is lending me some DVD's of the first 2 seasons.


You can knit, too? You're amazing! I really didn't know what the heck the K stood for--that was cute! Beautiful rosebuds! It's so cool that your mom and you started it together :)


Oh, it's lovely! Way to go! What a FUN knit along!

I love Downton but our antenna doesn't get PBS so I have to wait to catch up on season 3. I heard that Sunday's show held quite a shock. Oh, the insanity! I want to KNOW!! :)


Beautiful, Stephanie! The yarn colors are so pretty and it will be fun to wear....are you making another one for the other hand? ;)


Cute cute cute and how fun to do a project that you and your Mom can share. Nice!

Linda in Calif.

Oh my, these will be so cute and warm. This was a good KAL to sign up for.

Jackie W.

That is so cool... I have never even heard of a knit along let alone a mystery knit along! You are soo cool.


I love Jimmy Beans Wool AND Lorna's Laces! But I still haven't seen a single episode of Downton Abbey, which I really need to catch up on. I love the idea of a mystery project to go along with the show. Sounds hard but fun. I adore these kinds of gauntlets - nice job!

Cindy Smith

You knit too? What don't you do? These are gorgeous! And I love the Downton Abbey theme..since that's one of my favorite shows. :) You just continually impress me!

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