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November 08, 2012


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Maggie Szafranski

Wow! That Woody Woodpecker did a number on the house! Here's to hoping the water levels return so you can enjoy your cold weather activities!


Try hanging a rubber/plastic snake by the peckerhead wood. It seems to deter them?


Wow! That woodpecker really did some damage! We've had a woodpecker at our house too, but our house is brick. So far he hasn't done any damage, but I always try to go run him off if he starts pecking on the house.


I love birds and watching them, but those "peckers" can really do damage. I'm always shooing them away from my house. I hate snakes, even the thought of them, but maybe I'll give Lynn's idea a try. Love your new embroidery project. Looks like you have beautiful property. What fun watching all those birds.


Woodpeckers - love/hate situation!

The new pattern, fabrics, and thread are lovely. Can't wait until you are able to get started.

Global warming is expensive in so many ways. I hope the portion of your lake that disappeared is making someone happy somewhere else--at least that image is less sad.


Wow, those are some huge holes from a woodpecker! They can be a nuisance, can't they.

Your new embroidery project is so lovely and delicate looking.

What cool packaging for that fabric kit! I try that technique this summer with leaves - so fun. Happy day to you.


Yay -- another Really Random Post! Last winter was weird and the summer was awful so I'm thinking ... hold on to your hats! Maybe not, but fall did arrive a bit earlier than some other years. Hmmmm. Your embroidery projects looks like it will be perfect for those long winter evenings in Jan. and Feb.!


We had woodpeckers pecking holes in our house in Idaho. Can you guess how Shawn took care of them? : )


You live in a really beautiful location. It will be interesting to see what the winter holds. Today is the first day of a cooling trend here. And it's kind of grey and cloudy--love it. Your new stitching project looks amazing!


Peckerhead did do a job on your house! We had one years ago and he was so annoying.
Love your new stitchery! I love Crabapple designs.
I sure hope the lake fills with water and ices over for y'all to skate on and hopefully have lots of snow to ski!


Your trim!!! You said you wanted to change color, I don't think you meant change the whole thing! Darn peckerhead!

I was out on U last night and drove past the pond/lake and was so sadden! I was hoping our late rains would have brought it back. Pray we have a lot of snow to replenish the water tables. I also I know a family that would love to skate with sweet pea :)
And we didn't win the lotto to purchase the lot next to you ;)


I enjoyed seeing your woods and "lake/pond" with all of the birds. We have had such a drought also; crazy, huh! I sure hope that you get to use your skis and skates this winter. We have lots of woodpeckers, but so far, none that have pecked on our house. What kind of woodpecker is it?

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