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October 01, 2012


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Oh my goodness.....wait, can't talk with my jaw on the floor....Stephanie this is GLORIOUS, so amazing!!!!! I don't even have words, I'm stunned!


Oh is that ever beautiful, Stephanie!!!!! Really the photos of the quilt on the pattern did not give it justice, not that they ever do. Yours is spectacular. I just stare at it. The colors are rich and beautiful. I love the way the red is used and the placement of the blocks. I can see where this quilt would be a challenge but oh so worth it. You did an amazing job!!!


Stephanie, Gorgeous!!! What a wonderful quilt and I adore the colors. The detail in all the blocks are wonderful. It is a great companion to Lincoln's Watch.


Wow! The borders between the blocks really accentuate the blocks nicely! Gorgeous!


What a gorgeous quilt! And I just love those colors. They are right up my alley! Beautiful job.


Wow...just Wow!!!! This quilt is just awesome! Congratulations for finishing the BOM.


Your quilt is fantastic. I can't get over all the little pieces and how precisely you have matched the seams. I am in awe of what you do. This is going to be a beautiful quilt. Hope to get you the size for the borders tomorrow.

Linda in Calif.

I too just love this quilt. It's fabulous! I'm wondering what is the fabric line? Specially the striped border print.

Maggie Szafranski

Great job! Good luck with the mitering! Susan Cleveland has a technique for the mitering, of course, I didn't get to take that class!


Oooh, what a pretty quilt! And how fun to have it almost done. You'll be surprised how easily those stripes will line up on the mitered corners. There are tons of tutorials out there -- go for it!


Beautiful Stephanie! You are always full of surprises. No wonder you're always tired - I don't see how you do it all. You're right - it will look great with your Lincoln's Watch quilt. Thanks for all the links on using the starch method. . .


This is beautiful! Wow, when you make a big quilt, you sure make a pretty one! No messin' around!

kathy olkowski

Beautiful! I've yet to complete a Civil War project - your work is stunning!


When I first saw this quilt, I immediately thought of Farmer's Wife. It reminds me of blocks I've seen on blogs of those diligent folk who have done those blocks....me not being one of them!! I love your BOM!!!! Love the colors and everything about it. Hope you can find out about the border sizes.

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