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October 02, 2012


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It's beautiful Stephanie!!! I just love it. The colors and the stitching are just unbelievably awesome.


Wait...are you from Iowa...did I know that?! I have so many relatives in Iowa...my Mom was born in Cedar Rapids...and we've had ancestors there since the mid-1800's. My Grandmother and her sister still own the family farm there!

Gorgeous quilt!


Beautiful! I like the off kilter arcs on the sun - adds "character." I don't have any variegated Aurifil. Hmmm...I may need some for my thread stash!


I loved it the first time, and now it is even better! The quilting between the rays is a good choice and adds interesting and I love the hand quilting for the corn rows!


Oh, I love seeing it finished! It's lovely. This is the second "Texting" block finished into a mini this week. Did you see Laurraine's?

Linda in Calif.

It is really pretty. The quilting really enhances it.


That's really pretty, Stephanie. I do remember your earlier post about it. Nice job!


Nice work! I miss Iowa too and I only visited there! :)

Kerry Willard Bray

What a beautiful quilt! I absolutely love it. If you can't find a place to hang it, I know I could! The hanging sleeve is a fabulous idea. I've not seen one of these before...admittedly I am not a quilter but I've long admired quilts and quilting.


Oh, I love how this turned out. Your quilting is stunning! I'm impressed! You go gal!


I really want to see it washed. This quilt makes me so happy that you just went right outside your box and totally let your super creative artsy side out... hope I see a few more 'non patterned quilts' from you=)


Love it! You accomplished so much and work outside the home too.


I love it Mama Pea! I especially love how you did the corn rows. And the ombre sky. Very cool!


Wow! That is a beauty!


This was absolutely one of my favorite blocks from the contest. You did a beautiful, beautiful job!!! And I'm sure Iowa misses you too! :)


I like it. I think it's wonderful, and I really really like how you quilted your sun rays and sky.


This turned out so beautifully! I love how much thought and hand work you put into it. Definitely a masterpiece to hang on the wall!


I am amazed at all the quilting you have done on this piece. And, I like the arcs of the sun - it looks like it is pulsating. I love the corn rows with the hand-written message. Very well done, Mama Pea.


I liked this piece when you originally posted it....it looks great! I've never been to Iowa but love your husband's comment on the corn field stitching. :)

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