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October 04, 2012


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That's a gorgeous color of rose. Thanks for being proud of me in the magazine -- They even spelled my name right! I'm afraid to try that Tin Eye thing. Addictive internet things really scare me . . . hahaha!


LOL Your little Sweet Pea sounds like a hoot! That's cute.

I enjoyed the video of the pig rescuing the goat. Aren't animals precious?! I just love animals.

The rose is breathtaking. How cool is that to have a late bloom like that. Seeing the dew on it is neat too. I love fall displays of color. And lavender smells soooo good :)


Love this post. It made me smile! Thanks for the links. Yes, I have Tin Eye, thanks to you! I love those quotes from that book. Made me think of Mary Lou Weidman's cows. I could see one of them saying Happy Moo Year! At least you have lavender. I don't know what happened to mine, so I can't give you any help.


I love your post!

Trim the lavender back lightly after it's flowered - just cut off the old flower heads and neatly trim another inch or so of the young green growth. You're usually advised not to cut back too hard into the old (grey-brown) wood, but I have seen some sorry cases of pruning do really well:-)


Your rose is so beautiful! They are an amazingly low maintenance plant so it's great to hear you've had such luck growing them. Fun random post!


Gorgeous flowers, funny stories...and motivation to do kind things... thanks for the perfect really kind of random post!


miss you!!

Jean Tanner

I don't do anything with my lavendar, but I did mulch it the first winter I had it. For your area check with the Extension office Master Gardeners. I learn so much from them. We are to get a hard freeze this weekend. :(

Jean in Iowa


You always have the best randoms. Your flower photo is gorgeous, that color thing is amazing, and the pig video is adorable! Thanks for sharing!


Fabulous randomness. Your rose is beautiful and I love the picture of the lavendar! I hope I can find that magazine pretty soon. Yay for Shelly. I hope I can meet Victoria someday. Isn't she the one who originally started the retreat at Gruber's?


Fabulous flower photos! I don't have any lavender, but I do have some similar plants. I don't cut anything back for winter. I do all my pruning in the spring. I cut stuff back the first winter we lived here and lost a bunch of stuff as a result. I haven't cut anything back since and haven't lost anything. My husband thinks it looks messy, but I like it. I call it "adding winter interest to the yard." By this point in the year I'm kind of ready to be done with gardening for a while anyway.

Maggie Szafranski

Love the random posts, and I am all about passing on random kindness!


Such fun randomness! The Tin Eye is fascinating!


Oh my gosh! What an exciting post!! First...congrats on even growing lavendar. I have tried..and failed..and tried..and failed. Lavendar is something I just can't grow. The GenQ info is AMAZING! Congras to your friends!! And what a fun day with you and your daughter. Thanks so much for the laugh!


I almost missed the random Thursday blog - where have I been?!?! What a great rose picture, I love it when I take a picture and find out later that I captured something amazing in the process.


You DO have a green thumb after all!! LOL! The rose photo is a good one, and I always love lavender. We never cut ours back, and it does great the next year. I can't remember cutting back in the spring either for that matter. I like winter interest in the flower garden. Good job on your two plants! :)

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