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September 20, 2012


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Maggie Szafranski

Love those shoes! Really kinda like sneaker boots!


If my grand daughter reads your blog and sees those shoes, I can guarantee she is going to want some! About the craft fair...I've done them and sold out. I've also done them and brought it all home. Seller beware, is all I can say! LOL!


Another fun Really Random. SweetPea is adorable -- do they have those shoes in adult sizes? Have a good day -- long tho it may be!


I´d take home that whole table of lovely yarn (if I had the money)... Such beautiful colors... And I must say that Sweet Pea has a pretty cool style!


Those shoes seriously rock. :)


I am surprised ALP hasn't told me about sweet pea's high tops. She wanted some and her dad said no so she has the lower version of sweet pea's :)

I too love the color of the yarn table.


I've seen those high-laced shoes, and wondered who would wear them. I love Chucks, but think I'm too old for that style. They look adorable on Sweet Pea!


LOVE that table full of yarn...the colors are gorgeous! And 43 degrees...wish we could have some of your weather...still going to be over 100 today!

Love the new shoes, too!


I found those shoes on sale and almost bought them for Carmi! Decided against it in the interest of keeping peace in the house...she has more shoes than I do and Russ says, "enough!"


Wow! Those shoes are great! Great choice Sweet Pea!

Wednesdays are turning into my long day. I taught a class last night and didn't get home until 8. 9:30 am until 8 pm is a looong day but 9 pm is worse. Hats off to you! I got to teach the Metro Slouch though. It was really kind of fun. I enjoyed my student and she was so happy with how her bag is turning out. We didn't finish it last night and she plans to come back for a second class to finish it up.


Great shoes.And great pictures. Love that picture of the yarn! I wish it was 43 degrees here...


Love the shoes! :)


Gosh, I just opened this blog! What cute pictures of Sweet Pea, and what great shoes! She is such a model!! ;-) Loved the other pix too.

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