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September 05, 2012


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Oh, that looks like something I really need right now as I'm going through a lot of stress. Love what you've done so far and it is wonderful that E is joining in. What fun! Thanks for sharing and the link!

kathy olkowski

This is a great reminder that I need to get out some of my journals and start making entries! Thanks!!! Yours are awesome!


:) I like the way you are approaching journaling! Even better, Sweetpea's decision to join you. Journaling is a good experience for any age, but how wonderful to start young!

Linda in Calif.

Great ideas for writing. She really is making it fun. I suppose your next post will be a tutorial for a journal cover. hehehe


This is such a cool post! This is what I remember from first grade--we had to write our name and then go to the teacher to make sure it was correct, and then we could go back to our desk and color. I couldn't remember how to spell Cynthia and had to ask the teacher. It was traumatic!


Sounds like fun! How cute that Sweet Pea is excited about it too! I might play along a few days, but I just can't commit to another thing right now! Even a low pressure, nobody will know if I don't do it thing like this. *sigh*


Great idea! I have so many "failed" journals laying around my house. The prompts will help you out a lot, I bet. I have no recollection of my 1st grade classroom. I do remember that I loved the teacher, whose name was Mrs. Dempewolf!


I haven't been able to stop thinking about your journaling project. I am sooo busy right now but writing is so therapeutic for me. I'm so tempted. However, I could not recreate my kindergarten room with the same details that you have. Alls I remember are the round tables we sat at and my teacher. And a couple other things. You've got one great memory!

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