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August 24, 2012


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Always interesting to see how other people do these basic things! I sew two edges of the label into a corner when I attach the binding. I press the other two under 1/4" and hand sew them down. I'm too lazy to hand sew all four edges of a label down - LOL!


It looks great -- And how easy! I'm especially honored that my name is on it . . . wow!


Very nice! I love seeing how everyone does things. Thanks for sharing! I would like an in house demonstration on my pile of label-less quilts, I'm a slow learner. By the time you get to the last one, I think I'll be able to follow it. No harm in asking, right? I am so bad about not putting labels on my quilts. My grandmother made a quilt for my daughter and gave to me at the baby shower. She came up the first week I was home from the hospital to put the label on the quilt. She wanted to write the birth info on the label. I didn't quite understand at the time, now that I sew now too, I understand.


Great tips!! Love your label instructions - hadn't done it that way before...great idea!




:) thanks for the tips and tutorials! Bookmarking for when I need them!


That's what I hate about those darn permanent markers, they're so permanent! :-) I do my labels almost the same way (when I remember to do them, that is) - If I've designed the quilt in EQ then I make a copy of the quilt design off EQ and use it as the background for my label.

Maggie Szafranski

That is how I do mine, except I haven't used the fusible interfacing, but I will in the future! It was great spending the evening with you!


Wow what a great post! I do my binding like that, I love doing it that way, makes it so easy. But your label - oh my gosh you are BRILLIANT - this is going in my reference folder! Thank you girl, I cannot wait to try it!!!

Linda in Calif.

Actually I've never put a label on a quilt, just quilted what I wanted to say. So, I'll be coming back here when I put the label on the Flying Geese quilt - which I forgot I still had to do. Thanks for the tutorial.


Great tutorial! I need to start doing this. Usually I forget to put anything on it because I'm so excited to get it finished. Maybe I'll try to follow your tutorial next time I have a finish.


Love it! I've always been bad at putting labels on my quilts, unless they are gifts. I love using that treated fabric so you can print on your inkjet printer.

Jessie Henn

Lovely! I like the fabric that you used. It suits the entire quilt, and the font of your label is so elegant and classy. I might use this idea this holiday season. It would be really awesome to hand out quilts with customized labels as gifts. Maybe I can even put in a little dedication on my label! Thanks a lot for the tutorial! =)


Beautiful, classy way to do it. Thanks for the information!

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