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September 06, 2012


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You crack me up!!!
Have a marvelous day!!!


Great post. Great way to start my day as you made me laugh! Thanks!


I think I'm Lemon Berry. I feel a little spunky.


I believe I have referred to myself as a Shamu, but using it as a noun! Now I can look at it in a different way. The egg video is funny. I just can't see me dirtying up that many dishes to separate an egg, tho! And yeh, it aggravates me, too, when the grocery store rearranges. I still can't remember where the bread is in our local store, and it's been months! I always have to backtrack.


What an awesome article and concept about the cupcakes! I do love looking at vintage aprons. The illustrations and retro, sometimes faded, colors are so inspiring.


I love these posts! I pinned the grocery store sign.

Don't you love it when a kid lets you be a kid again? It is hard to resist a child's spontaneous dancing!


That's so funny - I chose the same cupcake before I saw which one you chose. In fact, I thought you would have chosen the all-chocolate one! Guess we must be related! ;-)

Yes on the aprons. They might be a size medium, but don't they look like Barbie dolls?!

Do you think there's a subliminal reason they put the beer, wine, and liquor next to the pet aisle? It's what I need after calling Maddi three times and watching her sit there and just give me "that look," which means, "I don't think so, you crazy human!"

Linda in Calif.

Oh I was right about you choosing the peanut butter chocolate one. Then I read the description; so true, so true. (And how much more fun life is with that kind of attitude!) I picked the lemon berry one. Although I've already decided to make some chocolate coffee desert for tonight - so I'm not sure what that really make me. I think I would like to read the Shamu book, looks like a fun book.


Ah girl I love your random posts, lol. Shamu, eh? Isn't he the killer whale who...never mind.

I picked the Chocolate Squared - hm, I think they missed on that one, lol! Love the aprons!


I love the Peanut Butter one! But I'd have to pick double chocolate first.

My husband was just showing me that egg trick last weekend. Ha!


haha, love the cupcake quiz!


I just made brownies for the grandkids and added peanut butter - so guess which cupcake I am . . .


Wonderful post! This carrot cupcake girl loves practical stuff like that egg separater....I'll have to try it tomorrow...just because (I guess I'm not always practical!). I've ordered the Shamu book from the library, btw!


I'm vanilla squared=traditional....yup, pretty much.


love the cupcakes! I would choose the PB one too but I worry so that part isn't me.

I agree- Meijer is very annoying right now!


I enjoy the random.

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