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August 16, 2012


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LOL.Totally agree with the thought on new bras #4. LOL


Wild Girl - you opened that one first! Love those labels!

Such a great post, Stephie. Full of all kind of great randomness!


OK, that was really random. Hilarious video! And I'm with you on Victoria's Secret. They have the MOST awesome stuff, and as high as it is, it's still worth the price. It's comfy and it lasts. The girls with their lemonade stand are so adorable! I'm glad they got a few customers.


Very cute post and I love the Thursday Random Acts of Kindness idea!


A++++++++++ (thought that would appeal to the "teacher" side of you...

Hilarious. Mark wanted to comment about the bra shopping but didn't want to sound too weird so he wanted me to tell you that he enjoyed this post immensely.

I love it when you have inside jokes with friends. So much fun!


OMG, I forgot about that video - too, too funny!! Loved it, and loved this post. Tell Little Pea hi from me. Try Soma for bras some time. They're not as much as VS, very nice, very pretty, and very comfy and sexy too. Gotta love them!


Oooops! Sweet Pea will probably get mad at me for calling her "Little Pea," but she's so darned cute and little, I couldn't help myself! ;-)

Linda in Calif.

Only a quilter would connect with a new blade with a new bra! LOL After losing my weight having a new bra was the best. Sooo much more comfy. Happy Belated Birthday. Cute labels on the wine. I hope they taste as good as they are cute.


I'm glad your boobs got a little pick-me-up. I love the girl's hats. So stinkin' cute.


Oh My Gosh. So, this is going to be my afternoon: "Do your boobs hang low .... " running through my head. You're too funny. I HATE HATE HATE bra shopping. What a waste of good money LOL!


Love your Victoria's secret story!


Great random post! Love that monkey butt powder - where would you even find something like that?


I love random Thursdays!


Your random is how my brain bounces each day! You will have to come to retreat. We found "his fault" wine :)


Great post!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your birthday card ;-)


I LOVE VC bras! I bought 3 (yes 3!) Very Sexy Push Up Bras about 6 years ago and wore them out in about 4 years. Maidenform (bought at Costco) has a bra with practically the same fit...very comfortable. Love them now! But if I ever lose as much weight as you did, I'm going to reward myself with a new VC bra. Sweet Pea is adorable...so 80s Madonna!


Haha - love these random posts! That card with the lady on the front cracked me UP. And the monkey spank granny. You're just too funny! I haven't bought a new bra in so long, I forget how. Am I supposed to measure something? *G*


Those hats are fabulous!

I bought new underwear this week too! Must be a start of school thing.


Too cute! I need new underwear too! Bras are just too expensive but a girls gotta have them and my "girls" need them :)
Love the lemonade girls!

Maggie Szafranski

Too cute!!!


I found this blog by accident......from pinterest, looking for a pinwheel quilt.....but laughed so hard that I think I will stay awhile !! Thank you!!


this is one very awesome, very funny post - thanks for the laugh :)


I can't believe you put your bras on a post! That is soo funny, and so worth it, as the team probably will throw you off for Lude photos=) Kidding... it was hilarious!


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