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August 01, 2012


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What a treat to get to see the inside of Keepsake Quilting! Their catalogs are always chock full of goodies, so I can just imagine how much their store has. Nice to see all the different sections and variety. I have received the patternworks catalog too, but haven't ordered in a long time.


I've been there, and it's wonderful. It's like a "bucket list" kind of visit. And I was going to ask you if you found the yarn shop. So much to buy, so little money!


That's wonderful. Too bad about the crab at the yarn shop. I agree with you about Keepsake's offerings--too traditional. But now they have a website offering more modern stuff--I can't remember what it's called. I think it has city or urban or designer in the name and they carry more modern and designer fabrics.


I cracked up at your brother's comment, it's kind of like saying there is a little amusement park in Orlando! I love the building, very New England. What a neat looking store.

I am sure we all want to know, did they have THE book? The one with your picture in it? :)


So cool you got to visit Keepsake in person!!! Their shop was packed full, just like their catalog!!


I can't imagine that this would be a very safe place to visit. I'd probably spend my quilting allowance for the next 20 years! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Wow. THat is one shop I am planning on visiting when I hit the northeast this fall! I have always loved Keepsake Quilting .

Your photos of it are just great!


How fun! I've always wanted to visit there. Too bad about the yarn half - you should have asked the nice lady if you could take photos!


Very neat! The shop is definitely New England-ish looking. I think my tastes are more like yours in bright modern fabric choices, and if a shop only had traditional fabric I don't think I'd buy much. My husband would be happy though! :) I'm sure the experience was great to be there...except for the unfriendly employee.

Maggie Szafranski

FUN! Even if your tastes have changed, it is fun to walk through a new quilt shop! Too bad about the crabby the salesperson. Perhaps her shoes are too tight....


Don't you lov tht big front porch on the Keepsake Quilting building? I, too, found the workers to be a little aloof - not rude but not the usual "chatty" workers I find in most local quilt stores.

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