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August 20, 2012


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What a fun night! I can't wait to see the entire finished quilt.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Wish I had been there too! Great stuff and I can't wait to see Lincoln.


OMG what a wonderful post. I loved seeing all the pictures and what everyone is doing. Those jeans are adorable as were the paper pieced trees and those dolls! Loved the one picture with the pieces of candy. Quilters are all alike...Chocolate! Can't wait to see your quilt. That's wonderful that it will be at the show! Congratulations!


Always love the Sew In nights! How wonderful that your Lincoln's Watch has been selected for display in Pat's booth, Stephie!

Those little jeans are precious--I may be inspired to do a pair.


What a beautiful poem. Fun to see all those different projects. Congrats on having your quilt shown at the exhibit. Look forward to seeing it!

Linda in Calif.

Totally awesome for your quilt to be shown at AQS Show. I know I really love it and I'm sure everyone that see it will also.


Those jeans are fabulous! I wish I could pull off the monster jeans look!


Oooohhh, the black and white trees!

Maureen's color I pattern selection...it escapes me! How does someone pick things so different yet they go together. I am clueless.


Awesome that your quilt will be there!!!!! Hopefully, I will get to see it!!! :-)

Account Deleted

What a huge compliment to you and your quilting talent to be asked to display your quilt in Pat's booth! Way to go Stephanie!


Yes! I'm reading this! Way to go! Are you going to the show? You need pictures of it hanging there . . . your Friday Night Sew-In sounds like fun. So many people getting so much done!

maggie Robinson

Honestly Stephanie, you hang with the neatest people. Love seeing all you do when you get to-gether..
BTW I am glad you got your Etsy Order..Thank you so much. I was happy to know SweetPea liked her little surprise too:)


What a great group of people - I enjoyed seeing every project (love the fabric in Nancy's quilt). I'm looking forward to seeing your Lincoln's Watch quilt! How exciting to be in a booth at AQS. Did you do the amazing quilting? Just from the little you've shown it looks awesome. I also see you're using the little binding clips, I've been seeing those a lot lately - I'm thinking that I really need to get some of those!


Dang what an assortment of great projects! Love the poem, but how sad about the lady who died. The quilt is gorgeous!

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