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May 01, 2012


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These are so cute! What a great project to do with Sweet Pea. You really got some great photos of them. And I do like your new signature.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

What a sweet Mother/Daughter project! I remember the May Baskets, but haven't made any for a few years.


so, so cute!!


What a perfect May Day gift! May Day traditions have been lost over the years, maybe you will help to return this one!


Happy May Day to you too! what a wonderful project to make for gifts. I never heard of May Day until just a few years ago, so we never did anything like this when I was a kid. Looks like Sweet Pea loved it too.


Cool signature!

Love the little bags too. We've never done anything special for May Day. I got a temporary crown today on a molar. Does that count? I hope it doesn't become a tradition though!


The May Day bags are adorable! You and Sweet Pea did a great job. I know friends are going to love them!
Love the signature too!


Those are just too cute, and look how proud Sweet Pea looks - adorable!!!


How Fun! Those little cones are just adorable -- they're making me REALLY want some of that Sweetwater line. Sweet Pea looks so proud and cute -- I love that the two of you can sew together. I'm looking forward to hearing about the delivery!


I love, love these little cones! They remind me of the little cones that the Seventeenth Century ladies used to make to put little flowers in. I can't remember right now what they were called. I can just imagine you two hanging them on the doors, ringing the bell and running.

That brings back so many memories of Grandma and her crocheted baskets. You're right; what a wonderful lady she was. She was the best Grandma ever! I often wish we lived closer so we could share times like that! :-( I still miss her!


Must pin this...


I'll have to add my "so cute" comments to the rest of them. I never heard of giving things on May Day - I'm going to remember that next year! Sweet Pea is lucky to have such a great Mom.


Those are darling. Wish I had been around to do that. I bet my great grand children would have liked them.


Wow! Sweet Pea is growing so fast! You realize she's gonna be a teenager like . . . tomorrow? The baskets are adorable. I love everything Sweetwater does . . .

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