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April 07, 2012


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Caroll D

I love all your pictures! I'm so sorry about your kitties. Rosa looks like my Sassy and I can see why Little Pea chose the one she did. Love that twister mat. Do you know what size template was used? I love those tin houses and have been collecting them. Your violet is beautiful. Makes me want to get one again. Yes, that one picture would make a beautiful quilt. Do it! Enjoy your trip.


What a nice neighbor to make a lamp cake for you! It's so beautiful and looks like a lot of work, even for a professional baker.

Those baby kittens are so adorable. They do look fragile too. Heartbreaking to hear what happened to a couple of them. Mother nature can be so harsh.

Adorable little Wee House tin set! Just makes me smile.


Love the blue tongue! Sorry about the kitties. Tell Papa Pea that calicoes are the best mousers (and always female). So if you keep her, you'll have less mice . . .


That cake is amazing! Looks yummy too.

Hope little grey kitten is still okay! Also hope you have a great trip!


That cake is too amazing - I would find it hard to eat, it's so pretty! What a nice neighbor. The kitties are just adorable, but oh how sad about the ones that didn't make it...your African Violet looks wonderful on that darling mat, that's the only plant that thrives under my care, I kill everything else. Love the little mousies and that blue tongue, lol!!!


What a talented baker and sweet neighbor!! Lucky you!


What a nice neighbor! I love the kittens -Too sad about Belle -I can't picture her doing that -Poor Swt P. If Papa doesn't let you keep the other, bring it here when you come. I did not even recognize Sweet Pea in that picture -tell her maybe it's the blue tongue that threw me off. Did you actually get to eat with Papa or were you looking at all the quilted walls?


Wow!! Thanks so much for the shout out!! You're the best! Hope you enjoyed Easter and have a fun week traveling.....
Can't wait to see you next month - oh my goodness - next month!!! Ekekkkkk!


What a great neighbor. I hope you're enjoying your time away with Sweet Pea (how was she about leaving the kittens behind - they're so sweet).

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