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March 02, 2012


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Cute needlebook! I'm so glad you're getting a stay-cation. Hope it goes exactly like you want it to.


Such sweet gifts.

The Hot Pepper Raspberry preserves looks good.

So glad you get to have a stay-cation. I need one of those.


Adorable needle case! I love all of the details, the embroidery, the spine, just beautiful.


That needlebook is ADORABLE! She really does make cute things. Not sure about the preserves...but you enjoy them...AND your break! YOU NEED IT!


I love your needlecase! Adorable and perfect colors. Those preserves with cream cheese sounds so yummy ... wish I had a bite!
Have a wonderful week next week!


I have had that treat before and it is wonderful! They sell that at Costco around Christmas in a very large jar.


totally great mail. Wow, that needlebook is fabulous! I made her tooth fairy pillow. She is very creative.And yum--the pepper raspberry jelly sounds so good!


That needlebook is so cute! Just what every seamstress needs. And I'm glad you're enjoying the preserves. We actually had to order a box at the liquor store. But they came in quickly, and we are enjoying them too. They also made a hit with Steve and his family. Glad you are enjoying them. I know peppers and raspberries don't sound like they would go well together, but they are "yumolicious!"


Wowee, my cheeks are glowing. I'm not sure you could have been nicer about the needle book! My word. Thanks for this rave review. I'm so thrilled you love it. I hope you can use it for years to come. Also, I must try that jelly stuff. It sounds like the perfect foil for the cream cheese. MMM mmm.


What an adorable needle book, I am going to peruse her etsy shop. I need to dye my hair, but am waiting till maybe end of April, if i can hold off, so i look fab for KC! LOL


What a beautiful needle book! You really did get great mail this week, those preserves sound mouth-wateringly good!

Maggie Szafranski

Love it! My girlfriend made us that! It was totally YUM!


What an adorable needlebook! I can't imagine the work involved in something so intricate! I bet the preserves over the cream cheese is wonderful! Your dad is a gem!

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