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February 19, 2012


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Glad you had a great time - you've given me lots of project ideas-thanks. The weather looked absolutely gorgeous with the vivid clear blue skies -I'm surprised you had to wear a jacket at all. I took a picture of Bing standing next to a mannequin when we were at San Fran Bay -everyone thought it was a real person!


Next time, pick me up first! That looks like a GREAT day girl, love that quilt shop, I could live there for sure. Welcome home!!!


Wonderful post. Loved all the pictures. Brought back memories of my early days of living in CA. Of course, I didn't know about quilting then. Since I'll probably never go back, it was wonderful to see all the pictures of the cool things. Thanks for sharing.


First of all, I love that headband pattern. You better be sporting one at market. Second, thanks for hugging my bestie. You are awesome.


I am desperate for a good headband! I found the pattern on crafty.com and will order it as soon as we reach the next billing cycle on our credit card.

What a fun day you had!! I love that bird pillow. I'd have bought that too.


not green, not jealous, not envious....not green, not jealous, not envious.....not green, not jealous, not envious.....not green, not jealous, not envious.....


Love all the pics and looks like you had sooo much fun! I know it did you good to have a girl day. I know you will be glad to be back home.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful day!


Stephanie- First things first, you are so on top of blogging...impressive! I had a wonderful time shopping and dining with you and Kristin on Saturday. I'm so thankful that we are able to schedule such a fun day. I'm so grateful to have you as a friend!!! :)

Maggie Szafranski

What a great day! I love that scooter fabric! And that was Guiness in those glasses! Love a good Irish pub, love!


What a wonderful Saturday!!! Loved seeing all the pictures of the fabric shops! I just checked the Sew Modern blog link and see that I just missed a giveaway over there. I'll have to keep checking them out. :)

I even liked your roadway/car pictures traveling along (those are pictures I would take!). It gives us an idea of how your whole day went. I loved it. Thanks for taking the time to share your CA trip!


loved, loved your post and all the wonderful pics!!! So glad you had such an awesome Saturday and that the weather warmed up a bit too!!!


(I sooooo second Jackie's comment!!!) Steph, how fun was that???? I love all of the pics you took. I felt like I was there with you guys! What cute shops...why doesn't Houston have cute shops like that??? Hmmmmm...I'll have to see if I'm missing something here in the 4th largest city!! How fun to be with those girlies!! Thanks for sharing all of your fun! ♥


What a great, positive post! I loved sharing all the fun with you vicariously, and thanks for the pictures of my girls and grand-girls. I miss you all, and it was almost (well, not really, but fun anyway) like being there. You all looked like you were having so much fun, and I smiled so much looking at the pictures. Oh yes, and the fabric was gorgeous, too! :-)


This does look like the best Saturday ever... for so many wonderful reasons! I wish our city had a fabric shop like that. In fact, I think every city should have a modern fabric shop like that. and an Urban Craft center where people can come learn and browse. So cool to discover these cool places on your travels, which really add extra joy to your trip.


What fun! Such beautiful fabrics to enjoy--the temptation!

Aunt Pea

What a wonderful, memorable day and great pictures / post to capture it! I'm probably the only person that calls it the penny arcade, lol. It's definitely more like a "several quarters" arcade. Still fun, cheap entertainment!


I SO (sew) have to go to Sew Modern. I'm so glad you had a great experience. I WOULD love it. I mean, hello? All that orange?? I want that sewing case too. And the orange chair.

Looks like a fabulous trip! Wish I could have met you there too. Next time...

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