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January 22, 2012


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You are on a roll today! That shop looks awesome. Looks really big too. I didn't realize you were in Ft. Myers. My brother lives in Ft. Myers Beach. Maybe I can get to that shop the next time I'm down there. Great post! Loved all the pictures. Your mom is beautiful!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Fun review Stephanie! We'll be in the Ft. Myers area the whole month of Feb. I'll have to check out that sweatshirt dress class right away and see if I can get in.


I love getting to see the Quilt Sampler shops in person. I've made it to several, and like you, didn't even realize it in some of them until I was inside! If you haven't learned how to do Cathedral Window by the time we meet up in July, I'll teach you . . .


What a great day that was. And Maddi had the time of her life going with us - just one of the girls!! She slept like a baby when we got home! And she loved traveling in the back seat with Sweet Pea all the way home!
I do have to plan an extra half hour or so every time I go shopping with her, however. That's to allow for the time for people to come up, pet her, and ask questions about her age, breed, etc. I like it, though, because it gets her acclimated to lots of different people.


And yes, I would love to do the hand embroidery on that quilt. It was magnificent! I just wouldn't dare put it together. I would leave that to the master quilt lady who does this blog. What a pleasure that would be!


Love the pics of the shop ... wish I could visit right now! I am going to get my Quilt Sampler mag back out and look again. The little green hoodie caught my eye immediately ... cute idea!
I took a class on the Cathedral Window and I really need to work on it now that you mentioned it!
Your mom, Sweet Pea and Maddi are adorable in the pics at The Dog ... adorable place and I love that is is dog friendly!
Thanks for sharing!


I don't know which shop I like better! I've enjoyed the tours of both!! I can tell you had fun! And...I like Grandma Pea! :)

Maggie Szafranski

An awesome shop, and a great looking restaurant! Sounds yummy!

Linda in Calif.

I save that magazine too, hoping to go to one of the shops when I'm traveling. I'm just like you, too busy to even remember to look up the shops! This one was a great find. Thanks for telling us about it.

Jeanie Oquin

Wow! Those quilts are stunning! The colors and the designs perfectly complement each other. Maddie looks so cute in her blue bow. I like the concept too. They did a great job with those catch phrases.

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