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December 08, 2011


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Congratulations! I'm glad it all worked out!


It is a cute little machine!! Congrats on your new addition ;)


How cool!!!! Boy, it was really meant to be. You got it for a machine AND it's a welcome addition to your family!!! I'll be interested in hearing updates on how you continue to like it!! :-)


Oh what a cute story! Congratulations on your sweet little baby :) I love mine. I actually have four of them and am still on the hunt for another. My hubby thinks they're sweet little machines too and the stitching on them is perfect. I sometimes wonder why I need my newer machine! Seriously. I am so happy for your purchase. The big grin in your photo says it all :D
Merry Christmas!


Your hubby sounds like my Frank! I love my Featherweight, it's wonderful for retreats, and I adore it!


I absolutely love this story...congrats!!! :)


How exciting. I've always wanted a featherweight. I keep hoping one will just call out my name someday.


Well I wish you had more time here to take my Singer apart, clean, oil and all of that and show me how. I wish we had classes around here like you seem to find by you. I have no idea what Singer I have but I do know that the one in the basement is REALLY old.


You are so funny! I needed that humor today. You have a wonderful husband! Glad you finally got that machine. Better look out though. Little Pea looks like she might take over!


COOL BEANS!!! Someday I'll get mine...yes, I think Sweet Pea is going to love want one too, lol!


Sweet Pea might need a Featherweight of her own by next Christmas! And since you are driving to Florida for Christmas, maybe she could bring her new machine with her to show Grandma Pea and the Pea clan how it works! The grin on your face and the concentration on hers is priceless!! You have a great husband!


Congratulations!!! I know you will love having it and using it. My P. loves to sew on mine. I think it's a great machine for kids to learn on. Does yours have a 1/4" foot? If not, I'll send you the website where I got mine for a very reasonable price. I also got a walking foot for it.


Congrats...a Featherweight is on my "wish list"--fun to see you get one!

Linda in Calif.

Well, it's that the coolest! First getting the machine and second Sweet Pea liking it. (Really had fun reading your post. So funny!)

Maggie Szafranski

My hubby loves my little featherweight! He enjoyed watching the maintenance video with me, and is always nagging me to keep it oiled! Enjoy! Does she have a name? Our machines are twins, as mine was "born" in 1954, also!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

First, I'll take the blame for anything that turns out this SWEET!
Second, your husband is definitely a keeper - what a guy!
AND, I'm so glad you got your featherweight and love it. I knew you would. Looks like Sweet Pea is already hooked on Mom's past time. Thanks for the heads up on this great post. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season Stephanie!!

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