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November 15, 2011


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Marcia K

That is TOTALLY cute!! Really love it!


Very great tutorial!

Well, I have to wish your very beautiful daughter a happy seventh birthday! Awwww. Cherish every moment...they grow up so fast. I hope she has a wonderful birthday party with her friends!


So so so cute!!!


My hubby says he didn't get any parties either, but I made sure the boys had one every year - mostly we did beach parties, as they're both born in summer. I told them that Christmas is Jesus' day, but their birthdays belong to them, and they should be special!! I love this idea and I love how the sleeping bags turned out, makes me wish I was young again! Happy Birthday to your beautiful little Sweet Pea!!


Sweet Pea is going to design her own line of doll accessories before you know it!


I love that sleeping bag. Great tutorial. Had to laugh that Sweet Pea didn't want a bow! I can't believe you got these done. You must be very organized. I don't think I've done a thing since we talked! Now you have inspired me to make one to go with the doll I just purchased for my great granddaughter.


Oh my so stinkin' cuteness :)!!! Just precious- so making one of these for Christmas gifts! You rock! Hope things calm down soon :)

Aunt Pea

Great tutorial! What a fun project with Little Pea. Samantha (?) is going to be the coolest American Girl doll at the next slumber party. Hey American Girl dolls should commission Mama Pea and Squirmy Worm Studio and Quilted Fish to make sleeping bags, blankets and pillows!

Christine Hollaway

Stephanie, you are simply amazing!!!


Well ... this is just adorable! My niece would love one of these for her American Girl doll. Sweet Pea's drawing cracks me up. Get that girl a sewing machine and a stash ASAP. Then she can do the whole project "her way."


What an adorable little sleeping bag. I'm sure it will be very well loved. Great job and thank you for the awesome tutorial.

Linda in Calif.

Cute! Cute! I wish my girls played with dolls. But they only like the Poly Pocket ones - and I'm not making any thing that small!!


Dang! That's cute stuff!


Papa's right. We didn't have b-parties. LAP had one as a kid-I had my first one ever at 60 yrs old. My kids got them every several yrs. I really like this bag and will make one for Bitsy as she just got an 18" doll that I am crocheting clothes for, for Christmas.


That is the cutest ever! And I loved Sweet Pea's sign - My American Girl Doll sleeping bag my way! Way to go, Sweet Pea. Can't wait to see what she sews up on her own machine! I'm sure she is going to have a wonderful party. (And I'll bet Papa Pea will get a bit charge out of it, too!!)


I was so excited when i found this....my daughter is turning 7 in February and we had the exact same ideal and i was clueless on making a sleeping bag, my first attempt failed miserably. but hey i tried. Thank you so much for posting. Now time to head to the store to by the materials needed.


I just viewed the other videos (out of order) and I'm glad to see yours. I like that you switched it up and sewed the edge binding on the opened part first and then did the side and bottom where it's sewn together. I made that change in my mind and I'm glad to see it will work that way! I will be making a couple of these very soon for a friend's daughter and her best friend. I know they will love them. Thanks for the instructions and the pictures!

Manoj - Searchable PDF Creation Service

These little sleeping bags are so cute. I love that they have a built-in pillow!

Account Deleted

It looks like your babydoll has a special haircut! Thank you for the great ideas – my daughter saw this and is going through the fabric bin right now (which is also made up of favorite outfits that don’t fit / aren’t so pretty any more.)



it's really fantastic. i love this bag and the way of making..


I like that you switched it up and sewed the edge binding on the opened part first and then did the side and bottom where it's sewn together. I made that change in my mind and I'm glad to see it will work that way! I will be making a couple of these very soon for a friend's daughter and her best friend.


Can I just say that your step by step is absolutely fantastic - watched the village expert videos too. Both are tremendous. I am endeavouring to start making bedding for my nieces dolls for Christmas. I am going to start with two sleeping bags for their younger sisters (x2)... yeap... lots of sewing but your step by step has given me the inspiration I need. Thank you for sharing.


Mine is made - linked back to your step by step here. Loved how they turned out. Thanks for all the help/inspiration.


Thank you so much for this tutorial. This was the best looking doll sleeping bag I found one that didn't involved zippers. My righteightyear old and I workedtogether to make this a birthday present for a classmate who was having an AG party. The friend loved it!

Mary Anne Davis

Thanks for the great tutorial and I did post a positive comment on original tutorial!

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