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September 12, 2011


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I'll say it again. I so wish I would have gone to the fiber arts festival. *sigh*

I really love that block you made. Love those colors !!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Your block looks great Stephanie! And beautiful yarn and knitting.
Wow 36.6 pounds - GOOD FOR YOU!!


Ooh your block is so pretty! And I love your knitting, I'm determined to learn this winter. Congrats on the weight loss, Skinny Girl!!!

Linda in Calif.

Good for you on the weight loss. You are really doing so well. Do you feel better too?

As for the block, it's lovely with the red fabric you picked. She will be very happy to get it.

That is some of the prettiest yarn I've seen - it's turning into a beautiful sweater-vest.


I love that you just threw that "PS" in there. Holy cow, girl! 36.6 is awesome!!


Love your block. I don't think the fabrics fight with each other. Love how your sweater vest is turning out. Beautiful yarn and you do such wonderful work! Hey! Congratulations on your weight loss! Yeah for you!!!


Wow! Congratulations on losing so much weight! That is awesome.

Your block is cute. I don't think the red you chose competes with the center square. Do you know if she is going to set the squares together or use sashing?

Knitting a sweater - wow! I'm still just crocheting dish cloths. I can't seem to commit to anything larger at the moment. LOL!

Maggie Szafranski

It is lovely yarn! And YEA! on the weight loss and getting more active. Our dietician is trying to get me to be more active (exercise speaking). I was never a runner...walking is about all I can muster.

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