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September 16, 2011


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Wow, I'm loving how cool your selection of trees look in these fun color combinations! Makes me want to make another one with a variety of colors instead of the greens I used. Isn't this a fun project? So happy to see you enjoying it too.

Hope you get a chance to sit back and spend some time relaxing this weekend, especially after such a long, busy week!


I am missing our e-chats as of late=(


Your trees are really cute! Enjoy your class and trunk show tomorrow! I have guild in the morning. In the afternoon I'll be priming some radiator covers I had built over the summer. I've got four to prime and paint over the next week. The fifth one is done and drying in the garage right now.


Love your trees girl - I hope you have a great time tomorrow, and that you get some REST!!


Have fun at the class. I totally get the burn out bit. I feel it too often!


I'm seeing these trees on a lot of blogs, but I really love your color choices.


Love love love your trees...I'm going to post my trees that I did for a swap with this pattern! How fun!! Happy RELAXing day for, hun!

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