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August 23, 2011


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I can't believe you didn't spend any more $$! (And I totally thought those were Shelly's boots!)


Wow. Thanks for sharing all the photos and all about the festival. Looks like a blast! I'm saving my roadtrip time though for the Allegan Antiques Fair this Sunday. I go every year and LOVE it.

And those baskets: I WANT. :)


Oh my goodness! I so wanted to go to this this year and totally forgot about it! I am so bummed !

But thank you for sharing your photos with us. It was like being there :)


Looks like fun! Monte Vista has been trying to have a "fiber arts" festival for a couple of years. We went the first year and this year. Both times it was more of a craft fair than a fiber arts festival. Only a couple of fiber vendors and the rest are woodworking, baskets, glass artists and such. All nice, but I expect a "fiber arts" festival to be more fiber arts than other stuff and it's been the other way around both times we've gone. Looks like Michigan does it right though!!


1. Sweet Pea's hat is adorable!
2. How gorgeous are you looking these days?


1.I love the Angoras and almost had one -would still be interested.
2.Alpacas here are not that expensive.
3.I agree with Jackie-love SwtP's hat and your natural hair (Papa told me he does too)
4.I want that basket with the dividing sections!
5.Can you make some bl/wh fabric as is behind the cowgirl boots?

Maggie Szafranski

Wow! What an awesome weekend! So great that Papa Pea is fascinated with the spinning! I would be just like SweetPea and touching all the fibers!


Love the pics! Sweet Pea's hat is the cutest! I adore the big bunny ... just amazing work.


Ditto what Jackie wrote. And, I've spent some time researching alpaca farming/ranching and talking with alpaca owners. I thought they were incredibly low maintenance. And you can transport them in a mini-van!

Caroline Clouse

Sweet Pea's hat is adorable! Did you make it? and if so, is there a pattern?

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