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August 05, 2011


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Ohhh! I think I might recognize this!!! Have fun!


I need to practive FMQ. I bought one of the mats that helps the fabric to glide over the machine better.


I think many of us need to get our big girl pants on! I have the jitters every time I FMQ! I think it's why I stick to hand quilting :P


I love the name of the blog... you will soon be a pro at fmq.


Title of this blog threw me off...I am WAY too into potty training mode (which is going nowhere btw).

Love the colors of the quilt in your previous blog. I like the snippets of border color throughout. And I love, love, love the backing fabric.


You did great hon, I really love the little flowers!


Love it! I really enjoy following your Blog. Caroll was the person who alerted me to it several months ago, thru her post for The Attic Window. Thank you for making me smile when I read your posts!

Cathy B

You go girl. I am having so much fun with Em. She is such an inspiration. Your mugrug is fantastic. You did a terrific job. Hope you had a nice Birthday week. Hugs


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