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August 10, 2011


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Your grounds are looking much better, it's going to be gorgeous, girl! That new mower is too snazzy - very cool! Yep, you're way too busy....time to slow down, girl.


Wow! So much work! I can see why you're so busy you forget appointments . . . The new mower looks nice. We just use the horses around here . . .


Wow! It looks better with all the stuff gone and just dirt in front of the house! I'm sure it is going to look awesome when finished! Breaking up concrete is HARD work. We did the same thing at our house. The concrete walkway just made no sense. It started on the driveway, not the sidewalk, and right underneath a tree that only kids can walk under.

Have fun painting the brick!


1. Don't feel too bad about Holly -remember you just had a b-day and you ARE older now.
2. Papa looks sooo happy on that mower!
3. Better check hydrangea height before you go under the windows with them.
4. I really like your brick right now.

Maggie Szafranski

I'm sure the neighbors are appreciating your improvements! It is looking great! You and Lloyd have done a lot of work to get all this done!

Caroll D

Wow, you really are doing a lot of work. But it will be worth it and you are going to love how it looks when you are done. You gotta love those boys and their toys!


Looks better already! I can't wait to see it oompleted. I actually have my own John Deere lawnmower :) and I love it ... used it this morning!
Maybe you should make you a bigger calendar .. you have so much going on! :)

maggie Robinson

Hi Stephanie,
Had to drop by to see how the job was going.... Looks like Papa Pea is getting it done....
Love Sweet Pea's Glamp.. what a neat idea.... 6 year olds know and want a crystal chandalier!!! wow... How things have changed!! LOL
Hope you are having a good summer...

William Gulliver

The exterior of your house certainly looks a lot cleaner now! The tearing down part looks a lot of fun, too (because, c'mon, who can actually say he's torn down parts of the house to build a new one!).

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