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August 04, 2011


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Love the pattern and the fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and the link to the pattern.


How wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

Luci Dutton

Love those soothing fabrics. Thanks!

Samantha K.

Your sister did an amazing job on your business cards-they are super cute! Seeing all of the sneak peaks of your glamp makes me anxious to see the finished product! That bundle of fabric for today's giveaway would go perfect with one of my partially started projects I have at home ;) Once again thanks for sharing!

Linda in Calif.

Those cards are so cute/nice! She did a really good job. And that's a great idea to inclose a card too when sending items. Your pictures really do look much better. I love the fabrics and would love to win them. (I think, because so many projects, only so many hours! LOL!!!)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Some day I'll have a decent camera! What a great birthday gift for you. Can't wait to see your finished GLAMP - I'm sure it will turn out perfect.

Jennifer Edgar

Happy Belated Birthday! Enjoy your new camera. Your business cards and logo are fantastic!


Love the fabric!!


DSLR cameras are awesome. I love mine (Nikon d40 with a superfun lens). I am sure you will be clicking away!

maggie fellow

I have a Sony dslr, it uses my antique minolta lenses. Love the giveaway, thanks,


Lovely fabric! Thanks so much for the give away!


I'm glad to read you got some nice presents for your birthday, it's always fun to get them, you're so lucky you got a new shining camera, my camera's broken right now, and I can't shoot any pic (it's one of my passions), love the fabrics you're giving away, some of my fave colors!!!!


What an awesome birthday gift, indeed!!! That is on my wishlist to get!! Enjoy!!!


Happy Day After Birthday! What a great gift - I recently got a new camera too and it's so nice being able to take clear, sharp pictures! Your business cards are adorable! Can't wait to see what you and Sweet Pea are up to with the crystals. . .


You had a very good b'day it looks like! I got a new camera about a month ago and I love it ... have to make me a camera strap too.
Those crystals are great and Sweet Pea arranged them so beautifully :) I can't wait to see you glamp.
And your cards are fantastic!!! Your sister is very creative ... love them!
Love the fabric ... looks like some purple!

Shelley C

THe fabrics are so rich looking. I am becoming a 'liker' of purple lately. It use to be at the bottom of my color scale, but lately....it speaks to me!


Thank you for posting about the strap cover - I have a new gps unit for geocaching and it came with a very ugly strap :) Also thank you for the giveaway! Happy Birthday + 1!




Happy Birthday. Your business cards are wonderful. What a talented sister you have. Great gift.
I would love a chance to win the fat quarters. Thanks, Selina


AWESOME birthday present!!! Good job on your strap, I need to make one too. Your pictures look great! I love the business cards, and the crystals, can't wait to see that done. Another lovely giveaway, sweetie!


Happy birthday and hope you had spent a nice day.That fabrics are wonderful and thanks for the chance to win.


The camera and the cards were great gifts! Happy Birthday again! I've been dying to work with these subtle colors - thanks for the great chance to win some.

Michelle Mullinax

I love the cards your sister made...aren't sisters wonderful??!!?? Sounds like you are having a great birthday week!!


I love the business cards, so cute! Adorable.

Patti J.

This fabric looks yummy. Yes, I do have hand work to work on in the camper,(can't live in the house at the moment)but I haven't had the time or energy to work on anything much. Are you on FB? I've been posting some pics.

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