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June 20, 2011


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The quilt is beautiful! Sounds as though you are having a wonderful time. I'm also SO excited that you get to meet Amanda tomorrow! She's such a blast!!! :)


Oh, how I envy you. What fun it must have been to meet Em! She seems like such a wonderful person with a big heart. I love that little quilt. She really does great work. Looks like you and Elsa are having a great time. Looking forward to hearing about your meet with Amanda.


You haven't stopped traveling since school got out! Are you exhausted yet? It's fantastic that you're getting to meet some of your online friends IRL. Our chance is coming up soon . . . You've still got some more traveling to do! Em's quilt for Elsa is wonderful!

Maggie Szafranski

It is always so great to meet up with cyber friends! Love the quilt and the little doll set! I would love to play with it, too!


No fair, no fair - just kidding!! You are so lucky!! What a fun evening you had - love the quilt too!! Wish I could meet Amanda in person too! Enjoy!!!


Just spent the past half hour looking at Em's blog. Thanks so much for introducing us! I LOVE her zest for life and her wonderful sense of color and movement! I know she would be someone I would enjoy getting to know!
Her gift to Elsa is adorable. I'm looking forward to getting to see it in person! I especially am interested in her method of "worm" quilting. I really like how that looks.
So much fun for you to get to spend time with her, and next will be Amanda!

Cathy B

I'm so jealous. I just adore Em. And I adore you. I just love Em's quilting. She has been pushing me to practice, practice, practice. I'm hoping to meet both of you someday. Hugs.


You're having too much fun, girl! How lovely of Em to give Sweet Pea such great gifts, that little quilt is totally amazing - a work of art.


Stephanie, I left an epistle yesterday but realized this morning my short attention span kept me from filling in a code so it would post...SO.......Stpehanie, I cannot thank you enough for the joy that you and your family brought to my home and how amazing it is to see you for the first time in the parking lot then go on to have a dinner sharing stories, smiling at one another and playing with Sweet Pea! I am so hooked on your sweetie and have a healthy dose of E Envy! Thank you again for reaching out and playing with us and more inportantly, being a part of my life! Love, Em

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